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    Re: Collings Vs. Northfield Vs. Kelley

    Haven't played a Kelly, so can't help there. A Collings will also have a more modern tone, although it's different than the Weber tone. The Northfield NF-5S is going to be closer to what you want....
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    Re: stand or sit?

    Another who plays with a strap and can either sit or stand. Depends on the venue and type of performance. For festivals, our band will often stand, except for our leader who sits to switch between...
  3. Re: Songs/tunes that drive our partners (and families) crazy!

    Am lucky - my wife never complains. She has the ability to tune it out. Even when playing the same passage repeatedly to try and get it right.
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    Re: Blue Chip pick for oval hole mandolin

    Also like the PrimeTone in .96 or 1.0. Need to try them in triangle shape. Just have the regular guitar pick shape. But that model ends up being my secret weapon when my band needs a bit more volume...
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    Re: Blue Chip pick for oval hole mandolin

    With Blue Chip, my preferences are either the TAD-1R 40 or TD 35. Both sound great on the 1929 A Jr.
  6. Re: Looking for some insight into microtonal mandolin

    Or certain Nordic music. Hardanger fiddle players often do this. And I've heard certain Swedish nyckelharpa players do similar. It's why the tangents can be changed where they meet the string. Of...
  7. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    In my case, yes, something had gone awry. And I will leave it at that.

    There is a learning curve for mandolin and I need to spend as much time as possible to improve my skills on it. Four years...
  8. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    Yes, often the same pick, Blue Chip TAD-1R 40. That has been my go to pick on guitar since they first came out. So when starting on mandolin it was the first choice. Often times it still works. Most...
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    Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Once knew a guy who would custom order acoustic guitars through stores and then return or reject them if the dealer opened the box to makes sure it what was ordered. Heard through one store that he...
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    Re: Gibson Mandolin Identification

    That stamped number is a factory order number (FON). It could be 5502 G 15. That would probably put it in the range of 1941 per Spann's Guide to Gibson.

    Also, instead of an A-50 I wonder if it is...
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    Re: MAS Determination

    Probably more true for the people who hang out here. There are a lot of folks who are very happy with the number they own, though. Whether it is mandolins or bikes.

    It's strange, after my latest...
  12. Re: Franken-Gibson: the whole is not equal to the sum of the part

    Am wondering if it originally was a ca. 1909 with the more shallow neck angle? That would account for the low bridge.

    rcc56 is right - the back looks strange. Like it's spruce. Which, maybe it...
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    Re: Mandolin world vs fiddle world

    On the nyckelharpa videos above, Toborn is one of the best out there in both nyckelharpa and violin. And by that I mean western classical music violin.

    BTW, have found this whole discussion very...
  14. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    Yes, I rarely play guitar nowadays. Mainly when needed. And that's also the only time when I'll practice guitar. Have so much to learn on the mandolin that working on guitar has to take a back seat. ...
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    Re: 1.1/8 vs 1.3/16

    The shape of the neck, more than the nut width makes the biggest difference for me. Maybe my guitar background. Have discovered am not a fan of wider 1 3/16 fingerboards with really sharp v necks....
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    Yeah, I used to bicycle a lot more about 15 years ago. Then the music bug hit and just didn't have the time. All the time I took to do longer rides ended up being dedicated to band practice, jams,...
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    Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    In instrument cases, Altoids tin. These also carry spare batteries, nail clipper and in guitar cases extra bridge pins. Next to my desk a Northfield pick tray. Next to the couch a Taylor ceramic pick...
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    Looks to be a Remo of some kind based on the logo towards the neck. So yes, some sort of plastic head. Might make it look strange but it could be the owner was just breaking a new head in, so to...
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    Spring. It's snowing here right now (but will be in the '50s by the weekend hopefully).

    Getting together more often with bandmates. Planning on another video session in a month for a virtual...
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    Re: Gibson A Jr. Natural

    Just my opinion, but no problem if it does show. My bandmate has a 1910 A1 and you can easily see the insert if you know what you are looking for. His instrument has original finish.
  21. Re: Armrest for Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin?

    Soliver armrests fit fine. Have one on my Eastman octave. A McClung should also work. Both are taller than the Cumberland which helps (IMO) with the taller bridge of the Eastman.
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    Re: Pickguard or no pickgaurd?

    Like them on elevated fingerboard instruments. Like others, my fingers rest on them as a depth gauge. It works for me. No problems on my A Jr. that doesn't have one.

    On the Weber, will often try...
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    Re: XT we barely new ya!

    Will be trying them also. Once available for mandolin. I wonder if they is more coating than the XT? I get that impression from the press release -
  24. Thread: My New Baby

    by Eric Platt

    Re: My New Baby

    Beautiful. My duet partner has a great old A-4. And the one you have looks very clean. Congrats.

    Could be just need to be played a bit to sound fuller. Hard to say. Or, like you said, could be...
  25. Re: Thoughts on neck profiles and a mandolin upgrade

    Well, I'll need more time to fairly judge the Northfield. Right now am still in the honeymoon phase where it's all I'm playing. However, let's just say that it is as much a professional level...
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