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    Re: To look at the mando or not?

    I look when I shift positions by several frets. If you look at where you want to shift to it becomes easier to hit that spot. If you play enough you don't have to look anymore that shows a serious...
  2. Re: Clean fretting where there's more finger than board?

    maxr ...... Indeed technique has to be achieved / "mastered" before an instruments capabilities can be truly gauged .... pick or bow placement , left hand accuracy, setup, even strings all work...
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    Re: Mandolin armrests - Yes, No, Type?

    You may need one to protect your mandolin from your perspiration if it has a high or low Ph. And some people just like the angle change on their picking hand. As inexpensive as they are in comparison...
  4. Re: Clean fretting where there's more finger than board?

    IMO Most mandolins "crap out" tonally past the octave "A" on the E string. But yeah .... pinky placement with enough down pressure to overcome hitting the fret behind the tone you want and where you...
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    Re: Light or Medium strings?

    Medley12 .... When you figure out the gauge you want to play on try some different alloys bronze phosphor bronze monel stainless and pick thicknesses. Enjoy the journey.
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    Re: Multiple guitars but just one mandolin

    Well .... for me it's about tone. Different guitars, mandolins fiddles and their shapes sizes woods string types produce a great many tones. So for me the more the merrier.
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    Re: Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the company ... it's pretty good. R/
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    Re: Light or Medium strings?

    Much depends on your style of play and your instrument. The lighter the top the thinner the string. A thicker top needs a heavier string to drive it IMO. The older the fingers the thinner the string....
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    Re: Down Up help

    It will ... be patient. Scales and arpeggios DUDUDUDU until you no longer think about it. Then it will be time to get into crosspicking where you learn when to DDU or rest stroke or stroke without...
  10. Re: Ever just love the sound of your mandolin?

    Indeed anytime is good but ... Especially when I have put on a fresh set of strings. The crisp ringing the solid pop of a four tone chord. It encourages me to play more and more often. R/
  11. Re: It's the anniversary of Mandolin Mondays #1

    Happy Anniversary David... I enjoy your efforts. Many thanks. R/
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    Re: What's in your case?

    Well my go to mandolin case is a mandolin / fiddle combo case. So..... fiddle strings , mandolin strings, tuners, rosin, a small bag with picks and a capo for guitar if I have left home without one...
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    Re: Young Sam Bush A5 video

    Sam was playing with a loose wrist also.
  14. Re: Hello! New here with question about best bang for my budget

    Well DinaB .... A used Kentucky or Eastman A model mandolin will yield the best bang for your buck. An installed K&K pickup with preamp will allow it to be played in a band setting. Tonally a mic...
  15. Re: New Superior CD1521 Mandolin case Strong Chemical Smell

    These days when I get a new case it goes into the attic. In Summer it takes about a week to cook the glue stench out of a case. R/
  16. Re: Who thinks a Mandolin Cafe Patch would be a Good Idea?

    Hmmmmm .I can think of a place or two I would like to have one.
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    Re: James Tailpiece Opinions

    Lynn has the touch, without a doubt. Adding a James tailpiece to an instrument is a change to that instrument. Any change makes a difference. How little or how great is what we all continue to...
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    Re: What is a "Selected Spruce Top"?

    What is a Select spruce top? Marketing , creating a buzz word and getting a larger market share. Solid , that is the word to look for. R/
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    Re: Mandolin player crossing over to guitar

    Well .... learning to play good rhythm with the associated kickoffs and walks leading to the next chord is the place to start any flatpick journey. There is a site Flatpick Hangout where some free...
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    Re: Strap for A with strap button

    A strap button on the down side of the heel works best for me. Insofar as which strap.... are you intending over the shoulder or around your back? I use an over the shoulder hold and made do with a...
  21. Re: which is better mass produced mando...Loar or Eastman

    Eastman has a more modern, think Collings and Weber, tone. Kentucky has a more Gibson like tone. IMO .... Either is a better instrument than any The Loar mandolin I have played. Don't even ask about...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    Tone .... someone that collects instruments that produce a different sonic palette. R/
  23. Re: Looking for a nice neck rest for re-strings...

    I use a shooters rest.
  24. Re: Mandolin purchase advice for a new player

    Buy the best used "A" model you can afford. Be willing to spend a little more money on it for a setup or repair. PacRim instruments from Kentucky and Eastman are usually good student level...
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    Re: 1 1/16" fret advice

    Hmmmm ... I have an A5L with this width neck. I am sure that David Harvey could answer your questions about string spacing. What I do when I play my A5L is adjust the hang angle of the mandolin. That...
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