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  1. Re: Better machines give better sustain?

    One night in the store where I used to teach, several musicians gathered to discuss banjos. Banjo players have the same types of discussions. The one person there who had lutherie experience finally...
  2. Re: Clarification on Finger to Fret assignment

    There is an important rule that no one seemed to have mentioned. You have to know what the rules are before you break them. That way there is a discipline to your work. Without discipline there is an...
  3. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    It has been my observation that when import prices rise so do domestic product prices. It is all a matter of what will the market bear.
  4. Re: Stewmac shipping outrageously expensive and NOT eco-responsib

    I used to be a regular customer but have not been for over a year now. Their prices are high and not everything they sell is top notch. I've found tools that were equal to or better elsewhere by...
  5. Re: Routines for keeping your technique in shape

    Like the coaches keep saying, "we've got to get down to the fundamentals."
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    Re: Pomeroy workshop photos

    Nice photos. I had my eye on that mando when you bought it. It looked good but I bet it sounds great. Hope to see you one and get to play it then.
  7. Re: New Player - Kentucky KM-150 vs KM-250?

    The KM-150 is a solid mandolin for the money. I used to teach in a music store and once in awhile we'd get one in that was amazing for the money. That CNC cut was just what that wood needed to sound...
  8. Re: Ry Cooder isolated mandolin Love in Vain

    No mandolin but here is the original by J.B. Lenoir. Powerful stuff.
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    Re: From A Jack To A king

    Here's a good chance to fine tune your ability to learn the melody enough to sing it and then find those notes on your mandolin. That will give you a cognitive tie in between what you hear and what...
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    Re: harmonic dampener grommets

    Perhaps if one is playing the whole instrument, then one would get a full tonal response and have the instrument under control. This has been my experience on mandolin and other string instruments. I...
  11. Re: Epiphone MM-30: Should I Improve It, Or Upgrade?

    Get the best instrument you can afford. One with the wow factor if you can. If it were an all solid wood mandolin there would be some room for improvement. Since it is not, keep it, sell it, trade...
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    Re: George Frayne (Commander Cody), RIP

    How about "Lost in the Ozone Again"?
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    Re: GHS N270 Strings

    I've got a student with a very nice handmade mandolin that only uses N270's.
  14. Re: A few more questions about an Eastman 305

    The 305 is a real workhorse and sounds good with a variety of strings. They actually sound as or better than the nitro finished mandos of higher numbers in the line. An Eastman rep told me once that...
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    Re: Intonation woes

    Or the use of a good tuner to check pitches at all of these locations.
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    Re: Bravo D'Addario XS Strings!

    I have found them to be long lasting through some mighty hot and humid SC gigs. They are starting to show some wear after many months but still are staying in tune pretty well. They are past their...
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    Re: Wegen vs. Primetone vs. Clown Barf

    I think there is more difference for the player. I don't hear any glaring differences in my speakers. It is a very good sounding mandolin regardless of the pick. I might like the clown barf at least...
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    All I have ever gotten that site was Irish Washer Woman, for no reason. It is a dead site on both of my browsers.
  19. Re: How fun, I met my mandolin instructor - Sharon Gilchrist

    Could she fix the rattle in my ears too?
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    Re: The case of Cedar Creek Cases continues.

    Never had a problem with offensive smells from a TKL case, but Superior cases and many others yes. I put a smelly soap bar in the case to mask the odor. I have found that leaving the case open for a...
  21. Re: Article: An Update - A Pandemic Supply and Demand Story

    I checked with some local stores in SC and NC and yes the used market is strong and the new inventory is not all it could be. There is a lot of interest but the price increases are making folks...
  22. Re: Article: New Music from The Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble - Mo

    Sounds mighty fine. Congratulations!
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    Re: Don Williams

    Nice oval hole sound on that mandolin. Don's music was always a bit of sanity in a crazy world.
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    Re: Two Kentucky KM950s that got away.

    Congratulations. Now all you need is one more mandolin. ;-)
  25. Re: John Hartford's First Band (Ozark Mountain Trio)

    Who is fiddling o that cut?
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