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    Re: First song to learn on mandolin

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    Re: Early 90's Gibson A5L

    Hi Aaron,
    I have a '93 A5G that is signed by Phil Brug. I picked it up last year for $1700.00. Can't speak for the Carlson signed models but my 93 is a hoot to pick and really sounds great. In...
  3. Re: Moving past my F9...looking for recommendations.

    I second the Sorensen., Can't wait for my Sprite to be completed..:grin:
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    Re: NMD #774 Ratliff R-5 (1999)

    I agree.. I had a Ratliff R5 that I regrettably traded. Then about a year later commissioned Audie to build me a Country Boy that I love. Still playing it and will probably have it forever....
  5. Re: On the Way Back Following Shoulder Surgery

    Mike, I had a similiar incident back in February.. I was having some shoulder pain then one day I was lifting a trash bag out of the can when I felt a pop and pain in my left bicep.. Low and behold,...
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    Re: Clearwater beach jam?

    There is usually something going on every weekend.. You may have to drive to tampa but check with the central florida bluegrass association web site or the Pinellas bluegrass association website or...
  7. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Bobby Hall here, thank you...
  8. Re: Benefit concert for Jeff Pinkham, Tampa Fl

    Just to let you guys know,, The benefit is scheduled for Monday, November 12th. not the 15th.
  9. Re: New bluegrass radio show hosted by mandolin player (Yours tru

    Awesome station, thanks for the thread, great programming and looking forward to next Monday...
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    Re: McClung armrest for FF

    I received mine last week for my KF and It's great. Keeps my arm off the sharp side of my Breedlove and puts it in better position. Not to mention the great service I received.
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