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    Re: Finally got it playable

    Two possibilities that are correctable:

    1- Worn or super-cheap strings, so that mass and/or elasticity are not consistent along the length.
    2- Worn frets w/ grooves, most common in 1st position. ...
  2. Re: Intermediate Mando - Good Mando to Step up to?

    Too many folks tend to think that a 50% increase in purchase price will buy a "significant" upgrade over their beginner instrument, but what it really does is buy a different set of compromises. To...
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    Re: stand or sit?

    +3, or maybe we're up to +4?
  4. Re: Tips. exercises, approach to strumming while playing melody

    Disclaimer: I'm no instructor, but I have fumbled my way thru lots of chord-strum melodies (for lack of a better term).

    YIKES! Talk about VERY challenging timing, almost as complex as the...
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    Re: Bridge pins (changing strings)

    Lots of bridge pin examples on YouTube; guitar logic still holds on a bridge-pin mando.

    Two items to be aware of:

    - Lots of folks cut, file, or sand the narrow end of the pin to a 45-degree...
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    Re: Fingering a G chord walk

    And we sometimes get into positions for momentary passing that most of us wouldn't want to hold for an extended period. So yeah, whatever works best for you IS best for you. Experiment freely!
  7. Re: Info on this antique shop mandolin find?

    You might try Lark St. Music, just over the GW Bridge in Teaneck, NJ. (Closed Saturdays but open Sundays). NFI.

    Not to be a downer but: Be aware that few luthiers get excited about working on...
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    Re: Another bridge question.

    Maybe a more direct question would be: "Why do arch-top fretted instruments often have adjustable bridges, while flat-top instruments often have solid bridges?" (In other words, let's include those...
  9. Re: Where can a classical/Italian player find a non-bowlback mand

    Another structural difference is that the Martin has a canted (bent) top, being inherently stronger. Add that to the scale difference (lower string pressure), and I'd expect the Martin's top to be...
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    Re: Easiest Jam Tunes to Memorize

    An effective trick to learning tunes: Start from the back!

    Get the last line, maybe just last measure or so, down solid, then add the next earlier line or measure and play to the end. Once you...
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    Re: Are travel mandolins worth it?

    Hey, a day or three of underwear makes good extra padding INSIDE the case!
  12. Re: Where can a classical/Italian player find a non-bowlback mand

    The longest-time folks in the Bloomfield (NJ) Mandolin Orchestra recall three or four conductors ago (guessing 1950's / '60s) when Martin mandolins were basically required for participation. Don't...
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    Re: Dialing in live sound-monitors, mics etc

    Codger chiming in with some codgerly perspective:

    Just keep in mind that there was a (not-too distant IMHO) time before stage monitors existed, where folks had to know what their bandmates were...
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    Re: Jimmy Gaudreaua

    Based on a Cafe recommendation when I first joined back in '08, I took a chance and found:

    One of my all-time favorite albums. SO...
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    Re: Shellac containers?

    Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, it's no longer a likely thing for me!
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    Re: Shellac containers?

    Yikes! As best I recall from building fiberglass kayaks in the '70s & '80, methyl ethyl ketone ("MEK") was an accelerator/hardener mixed into the liquid resin, and VERY nasty stuff. The few times...
  17. Re: which is better mass produced mando...Loar or Eastman

    Which makes "Kentucky" the winner, considering that it was not in the title as a choice!
  18. Re: Need Help Identifying Old Bowlback, possibly made in Egypt???

    Sorry if this seems off-topic-ish...

    I'm guessing that the broken/partial tortoise pickguard was original and has been replaced by the current wooden one, with similar but somewhat less-elegant...
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    Re: Mandolin Strap Peg - Slipping out

    Followed Cafe advice and coated the press-in section w/ clear nail polish; it's held for 8 or 10 years so far. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly! I assume that mine would come out if needed, but...
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    Re: Luthiers/setup in Hawaii - Big Island?

    Best recollection from 15 years ago is that there were only 4 music stores in Hilo, so they were pretty easy to look up - even if one was closed that week. Hey, the whole town is within my walking...
  21. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    FWIW, I've had Planet Waves (and predecessor D'Addario) NS-Micro and NS-Mini tuners clipped onto various Gibson, Flatiron, & Rover mandolins, as well as Martin & Fender guitars, for months and/or...
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    Re: Crosspicking vs "the Other Kind"

    ... which I've always assumed is because, as opposed to guitarists, "fingerpicking" is a term that mandolinists rarely use, and hardly ever do.

    If it helps folks to cartegorize things (which is...
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    Re: Help please!!!! Messed up pretty bad

    Actually two diagonally-spaced bolts, once you get the mess mentally digested.

    (Just my amateur two cents!):

    This arrangement is SO odd, so non-standard, so off-the-wall, that this may have...
  24. Re: Looking for a US luthier that does bowlback restoration

    +1 for Jake Wildwood, a Cafe member and occasional poster. He has a fine sense of instruments' inherent value, and takes on some work just to get an abused or ignored instrument back to playability,...
  25. Re: How do you think of the fretboard - closed patterns or just n

    Great question & thoughtful responses. My cop-out response:

    IT DEPENDS ... on what music I'm playing.

    For more casual stuff (rock, folk, BG, etc.), where I mostly think in terms of chords,...
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