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  1. Re: Helping out a mandolin themed film: Jacob's First Mandolin

    That's great! (I saw Mipso at Old Settlers in 2019. Got my first one of their CDs!)
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    Sixteen Tons

    This is a song my open mic bud and I used to do (B.C.) when I was playing guitar. He stopped by yesterday and I took a swing at it with the mandolin. Recorded on the Zoom F8n (3 mics) in the family...
  3. Re: TS, TRS, TRRS, anyone know why my doesn’t microphone work?

    If you get the XLR attachment (to replace the XY mic) you can record 6 tracks at a time with an H6. I did that a lot before I got the F8. (Here is an open mic group I did with the H6 - most of those...
  4. Re: TS, TRS, TRRS, anyone know why my doesn’t microphone work?

    It depends entirely on the type of microphone. WHAT IS IT?

    Back when I had my original H6 (not the new one) as well as the F8 model, the 1/4" input was strictly for instrument or line level input...
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    Re: Power Supply Advice

    I have used Talentcell packs for recording with Zoom F8/F8n digital recorders as well as video camcorders. They have different models, some with 12V only and some with USB (5V) options. 12V should...
  6. Re: Your favourite manufacturer offers you a signature model

    I'm thinking that having a "signature model" would seriously diminish being able to get away with muttering something about the danged instrument every time I screw up, so I'm going to stick with...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Gigging is what does most of the real damage, and, of course, technique(s) that are certain to wear spots, like keeping a finger planted while picking, or picking that hits an unguarded area of the...
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    Re: 1909 Gibson mandolin

    Wide/narrow grain sides are reversed on the two. Could be they got the halves meant for each other :)
  9. Re: Just tried a Blue Chip pick on my mandolin

    If you keep throwing all your money away on picks, you never will ;)

    I definitely have spent more money on picks than I ever imagined since actually starting to play and spending "some" time here....
  10. Re: How is Tuning Drift with Rubner Tuning Machines

    Well, a cent is a cent, regardless of scale length. I think the physics at work here is that the shorter scale length is impacted more (cents!) than a longer scale length instrument by the same top...
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    Re: "A" strings don't stay tuned

    Have you changed the kind or gauge of strings you are using?

    I have a very stock '19 F5S and it also has amazing tuning stability. When I got it, used, it had been shipped from Maine in December...
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    Re: Useful Tip For Changing Strings

    The string tensions are not so different that *which* single string is swapped is going to make a difference (IMO). So, if I’m only changing strings, I do them a course at a time, e.g., the G...
  13. Re: Looking for Recording Equipment Suggestion

    Oh, yes. +100. Make sure you understand what its small display looks like when you are actually recording and get in the habit of confirming the moving counter/time with the REC light (or whatever)...
  14. Re: Looking for Recording Equipment Suggestion

    Yes, it's an incredible assortment. First, you usually charge them up with the same kind of AC power supply that you would use on the Zoom H1n, something with 5VDC output and a micro-USB plug. The...
  15. Re: Looking for Recording Equipment Suggestion

    The one feature that's important is that it run on external USB power, at least IMHO. Then you can use one of those battery packs with a cable and record all day long, without needing to worry about...
  16. Re: Looking for Recording Equipment Suggestion

    Not sure what you mean by "record different tracks for them and put them together," but if you just mean putting them together serially, like in an "album" then the digital recorders can work. I'm a...
  17. Re: What Are Some Good Options in the $2-3k range?

    The current MD6xx models come with a K&K pickup pre-installed and have block inlay and a pickguard. Otherwise I think you can consider them essentially the same as the MD5xx models, though, even...
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    Re: Pro Plec 1.5

    I'm actually using a ProPlec now with the Eastman, and letting the Apollo (Mike Marshall) take a rest while really getting used to it again. (Primarily because I may not pack the MM it to the...
  19. Re: Looking for recommendations on a ‘20’s Gibson oval A

    You ain't just whistlin' Dixie, as they say. The '23 Snakehead just up in the classifieds will set you back probably ~$7k if you pay the asking price and (insured) shipping. :disbelief:
  20. Re: 1920 Gibson A $500 today only needs repair

    Even though hovering over the link looks like it's going direct to reverb, the link that gets generated when you click (or copy) that hyperlink goes through a redirect (to collect information). I'm...
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    Re: What should I do with that mandolin?

    I went looking on the site (only one I could get to without creating an account), and there's a close relative of OP's mandolin there (in a "kit" with picks, bag, etc.) for...
  22. Re: 1920 Gibson A $500 today only needs repair

    Well, it's been *through* the Great Depression. That counts for something, doesn't it? ;)

    The back looks cracked and while it might just be from whatever hit did that fracture, like it might have...
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    Re: What should I do with that mandolin?

    The action is high, but even considering some distortion from the camera angle, when I "measure" the length from the nut to bridge (in pixels), and divide by two, what it looks like to me is that the...
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    Re: Franks' Mandolin Kitchen

    I (of course) like the NF, but I went back and listened to a couple waltzes done on the Pava, and found absolutely nothing lacking. I do [maybe] think the NF would get my vote on some of the jazzier...
  25. Re: What Are Some Good Options in the $2-3k range?

    Aside from the higher end Eastman and Kentucky [new] models, and maybe some 'A' in that middle tier, you might be on the lookout for a used Northfield F5S. I got mine in the lower half of the $2K...
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