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    Re: Music Theory For Mandolin

    You're right, music theory isn't instrument specific. I want to create a resource that helps target mandolin specifically though. For example, in the worksheet we take a look at what the four open...
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    Music Theory For Mandolin

    What's up! Hope you like pasta and music theory.

    Just pushed out my first video of a series called 'Music Theory for Mandolin'. I'm going to be starting from the music theory I learned from my...
  3. Thread: Peter Ostroushko

    by DougC

    Re: Peter Ostroushko

    Thanks for the reminder. He was a dear friend who was proud of his heritage and at the same time a great 'American' in the sense that he maintained that everyone is worthy of respect.
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    A fun little comparison video

    Since receiving my "new-to-me" '82 Flatiron 1N I've been playing it nonstop! That is until I changed the strings on my Red Valley EM (flat top)... after I was finished changing them I played the Red...
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    Re: why no carbon fiber mandolins?

    Synergy social media: 7+ weeks since last Instagram post. Last YouTube post Aug 27. One individual reported last communication regarding payment was September 3. Since that time, nothing. Searching...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    Magic! Still hoping to see them on their reunion tour. Good to be reminded how good Paul is on mandolin actually.
  7. Caitríona Lagan - a mighty young talent...

    Check out the video of Caitríona Lagan playing The Duke Of Leinster/Travers' on octave mandola. Stunning playing. She's one of the finest young players of Irish trad on GDAE instruments that I've...
  8. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    Thanks for taking the time to look these up and post them. I listened to them all and really enjoyed "I'm a Rover" the best. The simplicity of the arrangement and the catchy melody are great. I...
  9. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    If you want to go down a rabbit hole of great Irish trad music, the YouTube channel for Hup (a great trad programme that was on TG4, our Irish language station) is a good starting point:
  10. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    I've just paid this year's renewal fees for The Irish Mandolin and I thought it might be an opportune moment to give a bit off an update on how the site has been developing over the last little...
  11. Re: What artist/album got you started with Trad?

    Prior to getting heavily into trad music I had played guitar and drums since I was a kid, mainly in punk bands. As a kid our family had a lot of singers in it, fans of the folk/ballad singer boom,...
  12. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    Moderator edit: Please refrain from commerce in the Forum, as per Guidelines. The Classifieds section is more appropriate.
  13. Fisher's Hornpipe // One Man Jam Session

    Here is another one man jam (boy I can't wait to pick with my band again...) on Fisher's Hornpipe. Hope y'all are staying safe and warm out there!
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    Concerning Hobbits

    Ran across this wonderful piece and wanted to share. Not sure if this fellow is a member here or not. Enjoy!
  15. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    You're not wrong there, Jill. A gentleman and (literally!) a scholar. I'm very fortunate to have made his acquaintance, regardless of the gift he made me. Simply being able to share our mutual...
  16. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    What a stunning mandolin. Really nice looking. And very nice playing, too.

    And, yes, it's sometimes fun to play the tunes slower than "standard". But if you get too slow, then you might end up in...
  17. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    What a gorgeous mandolin, Mike is the salt of the earth!
  18. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    I managed - with some considerable expenditure of time and effort - to complete the "re-tabbing" exercise I referred to in my post of 10th December. And I've even managed to find time to add a few...
  19. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    A few words, mainly to say thank you to those at the cafe who have provided help, encouragement and inspiration over the course of the past year. It's been a tough one for all of us and I'm sure...
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    Setup, Setup, Setup!

    Early last year I acquired two mandolins, a Collings MT, brand new from TME, and a lightly used black topped MTO from a Cafe member. Both have 1 3/16” nuts. They are dimensionally identical, but...
  21. Complete Bach 1st Cello Suite - ukulele in 5ths tuning

    I strung my uke like a CGDA mandola, but the strings were too tight, so I tuned down a tone. Fun to play.
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    The sound of a Girouard mandola

    I wrote this tune right after I got my mandola from Max and Lauri and named the tune for them. Finally got it recorded properly and my friend Gregg Daigle put some video footage to it. Turned out...
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    Nigel Gatherer's Mandomania interviews

    Might be of interest?

    4 short interviews by Scots mandolin teacher/guru Nigel Gatherer with Simon Mayor, Laura Beth Salter, Barbara Pommerenke-Steele and myself on our influential mandolin...
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    Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?

    For those who might be interested, there are typically a few bluegrass-ish jams being held on JamKazam daily now.

    Some of these sessions are unscheduled and just come up randomly, but at least one...
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    Re: Live From Home
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