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    Re: mandolin with violin music

    Telemann's Gulliver Suite is great fun, whatever the instrumentation (it's originally for two violins) -- thanks for the link to the mandolin/violin duo! One issue with such duets is volume matching...
  2. Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    John Goodin: Autumn Suite , November 2020
    1. Amber - 0:00
    2. Russet - 1:27

    It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of John Goodin last week. John was a good musical friend, a...
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    Fascination -- for SAW
  4. Re: E. Barbella (c. 1750): Tinna Nonna - Neapolitan Lullaby

    I have just revisited this lullaby by Barbella. This version is faster than my previous recording from 2017 (posted previously in this thread), and uses tremolo on both mandolin parts (my earlier...
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    Re: "The Flower Duet" from Lakmé (Delibes)

    Just updated my old recording on this one -- I love the Flower Duet, and it's great fun on mandolin. Same arrangement as my previous recording, but played with some rubato making it more musical.
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    Re: English fiddling essay (no mando)

    Barry Dransfield used the old-folky style of pressing the fiddle to the ribs instead of the neck -- makes singing a lot less awkard:

  7. Re: Duet No. 9 for mandolin & tenor guitar (G.G. Gastoldi, 1598)

    I got out my copy of the Robert Yates edition of these Gastoldi duets again, and have recorded Bicinium No. 10 now as well.

    Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldo (1554-1609): Il primo libro della musica a due...
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    Re: Pick for Classical Music

    According to his "Mandolin Tutor" book, Simon uses a standard Fender medium teardrop guitar pick. A lot thinner than most mandolin players, especially on the f-hole archtops he plays. The book is...
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    Re: Pick for Classical Music

    For what it's worth, I've tried a lot of picks but for my bowlbacks I keep coming back to the same choice, which fortunately is both very cheap and super easy to find: Jim Dunlop nylon guitar picks,...
  10. Re: Where can I find arrangements of Dowland for mandolin?

    I've now made a new recording of this Dowland almaine (actually, it's a combination of two separate almaines -- see attached score).

    1898 Giuseppe Vinaccia mandolin
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar
  11. Re: Where can I find arrangements of Dowland for mandolin?

    Not sure about specific mandolin arrangements of Dowland music, but there are a large number of sources with good modern typesetting that can be played with no or minimal adaptation as mandolin...
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    Re: Vintage Viaten Tenor Guitars?

    I've just checked on mine: no adjustment nut either through the soundhole or at the headstock. May have a non-adjustable truss rod, but not an adjustable one. Mind you, the action and neck relief...
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    Re: Vega roundback mandolins

    I have been called many things, but "wonderful" is rarely among them...

    Martin aka "Wonderful"

    (Congratulations on the Vega, Eugene)
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    Parthenia mandolin quartet arrangement, for SAW.
  15. Re: Innstück (Martin Allcock), mandolin quartet in 5/4 time

    I've just revisited this little piece with its tricky 5/4 time signature, which I had previously recorded in 2013. For this new recording I have used the same arrangement (edited by the composer of...
  16. Re: Al Capone's Waltz on Peter Coombe Classical Flattop

    Very nice, Eric!

    I have just had a look online for this tune and see that there is a transcription complete with harmony as played by Paul Wilson, with an accompanying note on the origin and name...
  17. Re: E. Barbella (c. 1760): Sonata a due mandolini e basso (Gimo 1

    We have recently restarted our weekly mandolin group gatherings, and one of the pieces we played this week was this Barbella sonata for two mandolins and basso, long a favourite from our repertoire...
  18. Re: Beethoven's Adagio for Mandolin and Piano

    There is also an arrangement by Woelki for mandolin orchestra which looks like it can be reduced to just mandolin and guitar -- the guitar part has the annotation "play the little notes only if there...
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    Korobeiniki (dance version) for SAW.
  20. Re: bowl back mandolin attic find, help identify?

    Nice mandolin, but I would echo what Ray has said: those strings looks too heavy for this mandolin. If left on, the tension may cause the neck joint to fail or the top to collapse, both of which are...
  21. Re: English Country Dance tunes (David M. Brown arrangements)

    A Waltz For Corwin

    Here is another of the arrangements from the Country Dance book -- this one is not actually a country dance but a modern folky waltz, written by Mickie Zekley (of Lark In The...
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    "The South Wind", for SAW.
  23. Italian mandolin magazines: Il Plettro and Vita Mandolinistica

    This may already be widely known, but I have only just noticed that the revived Nakano Archive website also includes a near-complete archive of back issues of "Il Plettro" and "Vita Mandolinistica":...
  24. John Ireland (1879-1962): Sea Fever, mandolin/piano

    John Ireland (1879-1962): Sea Fever
    Piano Accompaniment by Hector Valls (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0)

    This is a song composed by the British composer John Ireland to a poem by...
  25. Re: Ave Maria (Gounod/Bach), with free karaoke piano backing trac

    I have just made another recording of Gounod's Ave Maria, using the same pre-recorded backing track by Hector Valls from IMSLP. Some changes to my previous 2017 recording:

    1. Most obviously, this...
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