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  1. Re: Carter Vintage Guitars is now Carter Vintage Exchange

    I have a couple of bookmarks to their old site and those broke as well. Another thing I noticed when I went to the new site is that there is a filter for Seller, which makes sense when I read Scott's...
  2. Re: Are you ready for a new Carbon/Kevlar Sorensen mandolin?

    Really great stuff Steve. I never knew I wanted a Carbon/Kevlar mandolin until I saw this. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  3. Re: Ye Vagabonds tour USA and a question

    First I heard the US tour is happening! Very excited. Any Los Angeles folks here who are familiar with the venue? Trying to persuade the misses to do an overnight stay somewhere close. It'll be my...
  4. Good to see Weber mandolins being made again....

    Good to see Weber mandolins being made again. Wishing Ryan and Michelle the very best in this new adventure!
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    Re: Cost for refret

    I second giving Bruce a call as well. He most likely helped built and signed your mandolin and his prices, which are posted on his website, are very reasonable.
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    Re: CONGRATULATIONS to Liam Purcell!

    Wow that's quite a feat. Congratulations!
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    Re: SF Bay Area Teacher

    According to this article, Sharon Gilchrist has relocated to Nashville recently:
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    Re: SF Bay Area Teacher

    Marla Fibish is a great irish mandolin player and a wonderful teacher. Check out her website: She also has classes on Peghead Nation as well.
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    Re: Clip On Tuners / What Cha Got ?

    Thanks for sharing that info. The Polytune and Unitune tuners sound really impressive and it's the first time I learned about them. I think I just found my next tuner :+1
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    Re: Clip On Tuners / What Cha Got ?

    I am still rocking a shark myself but have grown really weary of it in the last year and looking for an upgrade. I looked up the difference between Unitune and Polytune and not sure I fully grasp it:...
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    Re: Andy Irvine is 80

    Hear hear! And a very happy birthday to Andy. I, for one, would have not known what a bouzouki is, nor taken up playing the mandolin, had it not been for him and Planxty.
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    Re: How to “woodshed”

    I'm not the most 'intentional' learner, but I often fancy what I'd do if I have all the time in the world. I would try to learn one Irish tune a day (or every couple days): first by listening to...
  13. Re: Gibson F-5G vs. Northfield Big Mon vs. others in $5k-$6K rang

    Not Glassweb but he mentioned it's the one with "amber finish, tortoise binding".
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    Re: Sucks being a Canadian sometimes

    I wonder if the stores won't ship outside of US due to concern with CITES? I think there are still many stores that would. Have you tried contacting the Mandolin Store? Or Northfield directly and see...
  15. Re: Anyone got a ToneRite i could borrow?

    I do have one just sitting in a box. Bought years ago and not sure if it's the current 3G model. If you don't end up getting one from MLWolfe, happy to let you borrow if you just pay for shipping.
  16. Re: Andrew and Emily of Watchhouse Band hit by car in crosswalk

    I hope they are doing ok and wishing them a speedy recovery. This is scary stuff. It brought back memories of a coworker whose husband was hit by a car while doing his evening walk in their...
  17. Re: If Northfields are so amazing, why so many for sale on cafe?

    Personally I'm glad to see all these Northfields out there. In this time of global shortage, it's nice to know that if something happens to my one and only mandolin I would be able to just order a...
  18. Re: Duff A style mandolins, like to hear owner thoughts, some ?

    That is some mandolin Daryl. Congrats. When I saw it on ME website I knew it was special.
  19. Re: Flatiron Appreciation Thread / 1994 Flatiron A5 Artist Pics

    I can't remember exactly, but I'm fairly certain that one came from Doug Edwards at Hill Country Stringworks:

    I had a even smaller one made for a...
  20. Re: Flatiron Appreciation Thread / 1994 Flatiron A5 Artist Pics

    I had an early 90s A5 Artist (also X-braced) that really stood out to me among the mandolins I've had, and I probably shouldn't have let it go.

    Also, I had a really superb experience working with...
  21. Re: Can anyone recommend a builder to me?

    Another alternative: If what you really after is a traditional F4, have you considered getting an old F4, and then finding someone to put a new radiused fretboard and bridge on it? It may end up...
  22. Re: Duff A style mandolins, like to hear owner thoughts, some ?

    Congrats Daryl. I was about to ask if you ended up pulling the trigger on one. I've been watching those Duff on Carter's website myself and would love to hear your thoughts.
  23. Re: Payment for Mandolins on Mandolin Cafe

    I can see with the new reporting requirements, some folks may decide to not use Paypal, not because they have something to hide, but just to make things easier at tax time. I still prefer Paypal for...
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    Re: Paypal

    And for those of us who normally buy high and sell low: maybe I can even deduct my losses? :)
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    Re: Mel bay sale

    I think everyone should have a copy of Ted Eschliman 'Getting Into Jazz Mandolin'. John McGann has a number of good books on Mel Bay also. I also like Marilynn Mair's Choro mandolin and complete...
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