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  1. Re: I知 afraid woodshedding has made me worse

    Buying a wide neck mandolin to compensate for the fact that you are practicing mandolin with a uke seems like the best solution so far.
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    Re: Compton vs. Henry Lessons

    I’ve been studying with Chris for a few years and have gone through all of this content as it was being developed int he workshops. It is great. There is so much content and he is really good at...
  3. Re: Wrecked fingers can't make 'block chords', time to quit?

    It’s good to to listen to the advice of many different teachers/players. I would be skeptical of anyone that tells you that you have to do something a certain way all the time. There’s a million ways...
  4. Re: Gilchrist's D log mandolins, do I have one ?

    My mistake. You are correct. Regardless his page says yours is 1/4 sawn hard sugar maple with a red spruce top. It doesn’t have “D” in parenthesis which indicates D-Log. However, in my experience it...
  5. Re: Gilchrist's D log mandolins, do I have one ?

    According to the website it is Red Spruce, but not from the D-Log.
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    Re: Consignment Advice

    I've used various shops. Carter's charges 15% which is nice. Some instruments do better in a situation where they can be on a wall and played.
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    Re: Double stop soloing help.

    This free book from user Pickloser was invaluable for me in understanding double stops and how they connect.

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    Re: Learn how to solo / scales

    Soloing is kind of like peeling back layers of an onion. On the most basic level (and probably the most important, IMO is being able to play the melody) Another layer will be using scales to...
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    Mandolin Content?

    Or no part of nothin?
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    Re: Is Jenni Lyn still making music?

    My inlaws were at their show in Rockport a couple nights ago and mentioned no mandolin player. It looks like Maddie was on tour with them in Europe recently, but the most recent east coast run was a...
  11. Re: Looking for some help on recent luthier visit.

    It looks like the neck of your mandolin is not straight. A set up and fret dress cannot necessarily fix that. To fix that you would probably need to plane and refret the entire fretboard, and with a...
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    Re: Uncommon songs (preferably in G)

    Louisville Breakdown
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    Re: Buying directly from a luthier

    Sounds like this instrument is already built and OP has played it, which takes away some of the need to document what specs you are asking for in the build.

    I think asking about warranty/repairs...
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    Re: Tygh Valley Oregon Bluegrass Jamboree

    I had a blast at my first Tygh Valley Festival. I spent most of the time chasing my kid around while he climbed on the Tractor and Old Fire Trucks on the grounds, but did get a chance to sneak out...
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    Re: Instructors in Maine

    There is no shortage of great players/teachers in Portland. Joe K. Walsh who has been an instructor at Berkeley. Also Maddie Witler and Ethan Setiawan are located in Portland as well as some other...
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    Re: Tygh Valley Oregon Bluegrass Jamboree

    I may try to head up there with my 3 year old for a night. We will see how crazy the week is. Haven't been before and would love to taste the defending gold ladler's work.
  17. Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    The biggest turning point for me was, without a doubt, starting with right hand ONLY exercises. I would set the metronome and do 1/4 notes, followed by 1/8 notes, followed by 1/16 notes, follow by...
  18. Re: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

    I'd 2nd trying 1 of the live sessions. There is a range of abilities from child prodigy to beginner and everything in between but everyone that seems to regularly attend seems to jump a rung. With...
  19. Re: Does anyone own one of the Eastman varnish finish mandolins?

    I got to hang on to one for a little while while I helped a buddy sell it. I would agree that they are great instruments. Hard to find a better value in an F style mandolin. The one I had did have...
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    Re: Mandolin case comparison (for A-models)

    Nice write up. I also like the Superior for around town and the Calton when I feel like I need some extra protection.
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    Re: Jarrod Walker's Loar?

    I think not long after I posted this thread he switched back to playing the Weinman pretty much exclusively. Andy, their sound guy does a great job of amplifying a string band in large settings and I...
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    Re: Novice Solo Arrangements?

    Jake Howard has released some great Thile (and other) tab books free on his patreon page. (Donation suggested if you can)
  23. Re: Looking for Recording Equipment Suggestion

    I bought an H6 a while back to try to play with recordings and it was actually way more complicated than just recording into my phone. If you can clear out space on your phone or spending the money...
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    Re: Campanella Mandolin

    Mary, I did play the Dude. It was a stunner. It was deep and dark. I felt like I would need to spend a while with it to really know its depths. The Campanella seemed to where it's heart on its...
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    Re: Campanella Mandolin

    Congrats Jason! You got yourself a keeper. Iツ致e owned an Ellis and played several and they are fantastic. I love their rich dark tone.

    But, this Campanella has something else all together very in...
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