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    Re: Fort meyers fla?

    Thanks Len I did not know about them either?
    Claudzilla also in Clearwater
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    Re: Working on Chords/Rhythm Playing

    Lorraine: Your experiences mirror mine. I also put the mando away 30 years ago and am now back at it with a vengeance. What a happy circumstance for both of us. Thanks for the encouragement as I go...
  3. Re: Best 30 watt(ish) Acoustic Amp for Mandolin

    This is the link I was talking about....
  4. Re: Is this the one you are talking about:

    Hey Terry A. Hall:
    Are you talking about this one, the Jr., is this a current model or the possibly discontinued model you are talking about?
    Claudia ~o)
  5. Re: Anyone know about ClearTone Strings for mandos?

    Well, I guess it's my turn to try them next... I feel adventuresome. ~:> I'm not chicken.
  6. Re: Anyone know about ClearTone Strings for mandos?

    ~o)Wow, that sounds like a cool string. I will try them. Any suggestion on what exact kind to get for the mando?
  7. Anyone know about ClearTone Strings for mandos?

    The technology for these strings, per their advert, looks good, they say they are louder and last longer, anyone have any experience with them for mandos?:popcorn:
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