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    Re: Mandola string advice sought

    John Pearse P B
    These came on my Weber Mandola. I have tried various others but always end up back with John Pearse. I'm assuming Bruce Weber may have thought likewise and why he put them on my...
  2. My review: BILLY STRINGS ME/and/DAD

    Received cd today. Listened to it three times now. More Blue Grass than I would prefer as I had anticipated when I ordered it a month ago.
    The pick'n is phenomenal and though too grassy for my...
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    Re: Finish cracks?

    Having owned many mandolins I have only purchased two new. I always buy and sell with an agreed upon trial arrangement. I never want to misrepresent what I am selling any more than I want to purchase...
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    Re: Extra long strap?

    DITTO Find a leather belt at a second hand store from an oversized person for two or three dollars. Cut off the buckle. If still not long enough extend the neck end of the strap with leather boot...
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    Re: the kindness of strangers

    Very Cool
    I’m going to look into doing this at our library. Thank you for the idea. I have instructed our boys to donate my instruments to the Berkeley School of music upon my demise or will do it...
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    Re: the kindness of strangers

    VERY NICE TO HEAR of kindness. Especially in this time of year when I reflect upon what I have as an accident of birth. Sure I worked hard through out my life and had bits of luck & kindness from...
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    Re: Washburn mandolins

    Sounds like Cafe members have had varying experiences with Washburn Mandolins.
    The obvious seems to be "Play before you buy".
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    Re: Washburn mandolins

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    Re: What is the story behind the "scroll"

    We all have different tastes and I do prefer the clean lines of those on an A Style. But, anachronistic may be a little strong for an opinion that is different mine, yours's, and like thinkers.
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    Re: Snark tuner

    PM me with your address as I have a few broken ones and I will pop one in an envelope and send it to you. I have several broken ones. I quit buying them as I have a problem with them breaking around...
  11. Re: Tried this string comparison technique?

    This AM my arthritis was hurting too much to play so I decided to try my experiment in string comparison. I began by changing one string on each course with Curt Mangam PB...
  12. Re: Tried this string comparison technique?

    Not certain I understand your question. i.e. If on each course I tried String brand X and string brand Y and my preference was for string brand Y, logically I will then use all 8 strings Y. Set of...
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    Re: Do you insure your instruments?

    Yes But not sure it is worth it. Usually taking a solid body or other lower replacement cost instrument out to play. Never a claim yet but that same logic doesn't keep me from insuring my house. So I...
  14. Re: Tried this string comparison technique?

    Interesting thought and not saying you are incorrect. But does it not stand to reason that if they sound better individually that they would not sound better played in tandem?
    I just ordered on...
  15. Re: Tried this string comparison technique?

    "NOPE" to Mandobart's Curt Mangan PB suggestion or to the monels?
  16. Re: Tried this string comparison technique?

    My thinking is that I will not actually play a tune but instead strike each string individually to compare, volume, tone, etc. Yes, confusing if I were to attempt playing in this manner. ...
  17. Tried this string comparison technique?

    After many years I am just now deviating from J74s to try other strings. My first adventure was with D'Addario monel mediums. Not impressed and was not immediately apparent to me that I wasn't...
  18. Re: Kudos to Mid-Missouri (Big Muddy) EM8

    [QUOTE=Pittsburgh Bill;1880200]

  19. Re: Kudos to Mid-Missouri (Big Muddy) EM8

    [QUOTE=Mandobart;1880185]I'd like to see a picture of it! There are a few of us that like e-mando's here.[/QUOTE\
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    Re: Do I need a mandola?

    I believe a mandola is a nice addition to an arsenal of instruments. I like mine for playing tunes that often are sung in a lower register (i.e. Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, e.t.c.), and for solo...
  21. Kudos to Mid-Missouri (Big Muddy) EM8

    Kudos to Mike Dulak's Em8 solid body builds. It is evident from this thread on the Cafe that electrics don't get a lot of love here. I don't know how many solid bodies Mike built but he did tell me...
  22. Re: Yet another Thomastik-Infield string question

    I am inquiring about A Style F holes. I tried the Monels on my Stiver sometimes described as "more Bluegrass than Bluegrass". Mostly play classic country, honky-tonk, but also a mix of Beatles, folk,...
  23. Yet another Thomastik-Infield string question

    How could I anticipate the tone of my mandolin to change using T-I mediums or heavies.
    BACKGROUND: I have not been adventurous with string experimentation. I have always just used D'Addario PB...
  24. Re: Tale of the Burgin and the Phoenix

    Cograts Tim. I'm jealous. Sure would like to have a Phoenix Neoclassical or Jazz in my arsenal. Not sure what I would give up. Perhaps my Mandola that gets minimal use but does provide enjoyment from...
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    Re: Strings Question

    I have no advice to offer as over the years I have not been very adventurous with string experimentation always having used D'Addario Mebium PBs. I have been watching this thread as I only recently...
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