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    Re: Suggestions on a beginner "set list"

    Hey Aidan, in 'Dows' list, are the tunes listed below the main title on each notation sheet shown as potential options to string a few together?
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    Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    This Weber would be a major step up and much better value than the Eastman, if you could scrounge up the extra hundred bucks.
  3. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    Thanks again for the input. Too many options and not enough cash, unfortunately. This is the sound I'm after. It's got some sustain and ring to it but still a bit deeper organic sounding voice. ...
  4. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    This is all really great input! For what it's worth, I do really like the sound of a lot of Lukas Pool's banjos, but noticed the 2 year plus wait plus they would be above my price range. I was...
  5. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    Thanks guys, I’ve checked out Chuck Lee as well but his stuff is getting a bit pricey for me. I’m into fairly plain looking banjos with limited or no ornamentation. From everything that I’ve...
  6. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    I own a Weber Galliton (Bruce Weber era) and a 1920 Gibson A0. For what it’s worth, I’m not really a catch and release guy, so hoping to spend some time finding what I’m after so I don’t end up...
  7. Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    Hey Folks,
    I've been getting into clawhammer banjo lately and am considering some options for a move up instrument (hopefully a lifer). I'm looking at the following builders and wondering if any of...
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    Re: What makes a mandolin play stiff?

    I find the scale length may have a lot to do with it. Even a small difference (say 1/8") may put a noticeable amount of tension using the same strings and setup.
  9. Re: Folk Punk - A different twist on some classic instruments.

    I'll just leave this right here....
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    Re: Best fiddle tune book?

    This is a good tune book.
  11. Re: Pros/Teachers - What is the most important tip you can give?

    Great question... just posting to follow along.

    Although, when learning a new tune i will typically listen to many different versions online and try to learn the basic version (using a simple tab...
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    Re: Weber Gallatin vs Eastman 504?

    If this is still for sale, it's a great deal.. especially for American buyers, if the seller...
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    Re: Wide Nut Mandos.

    Although I'm not a big fan of the look of Breedlove mandolins, they do have nice feeling wide necks and you should be able to find a used one in your price range.
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    Re: Weber Gallatin vs Eastman 504?

    What part of Alberta are you in? I've got a mandolin store special edition gallatin and it is significantly better sounding and playing than any eastman I've played... but again, it does come at a...
  15. Re: Anybody the owner of this Ellis from Fiddler's Green?

    I must have glazed over that... thanks.
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    Re: Leather guitar straps

    Levys makes some straps out of garment leather. Ive got one and it's super soft.
  17. Re: Anybody the owner of this Ellis from Fiddler's Green?

    Anyone know the name of the first tune he's playing?
  18. Thread: My 22 F4....

    by Tailgate

    Re: My 22 F4....

    Was that a local purchase slimt? I'm from Alberta as well and you almost never see quality mandolins for sale around these parts... let alone an old gibson like that. Looks like a great player.
  19. Re: OK guys ... what've I got? Breedlove content.

    While I'm not the biggest fan of the style, I really liked the feel of the necks on the few that I've played. For the price, I think you got yourself a solid mandolin.
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    Re: Mandolin pick's

    Try the dunlop primetone triangular picks. For the price, they are the best I've found. Bluechips are great, but you'll need to know what you like before dropping that kind of cash.
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    Re: Mandolin straps

    I never take my straps off and haven't had any issues.
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    Re: What Might You Buy Sight Unseen?

    In the mid to upper price ranges, Collings and Weber's are very consistent.
  23. Re: Radiused vs a flat finger board which one is better?

    I prefer radiused, but have no problem playing with a flat board. My first mandolin, a cheaper used Kentucky, had a flat finger board and when I picked up a Weber a few years later it took me a bit...
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    Re: Cheaper alternative to blue chip TAD 50?

    One more vote for the Primetones, and you can get a 3 pad for under 10 bucks.
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    Re: In your mandolin store travels...

    Too bad this didn't show up a couple weeks ago...there was a 2003 selling locally for $5800 canadian (which is about 25% less in US dollars) it was on consignment at a local shop but when I was...
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