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    Re: Valley Forge arrangement?

    Been picking away at this one, and so far it sounds like this. track by Mark at Bluegrass Backing Tracks. ...
  2. Re: Old Time Mandolin Workshop with Caleb Klauder

    Looking forward to this, but I can't make it Sunday, I hope they record it and I can watch after the workshop. I really enjoy Caleb's playing and all his various projects.
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    Re: NMD Northfield F5S

    Congrats, that's a beauty. I sure do love mine, but blonde's might have more fun...
  4. Re: Torn between 2 mandolins. / Eastman serial number question?

    I'm not sure about the serial numbers, when I bought my MD515 from the classifieds, I sent an email to Eastman and they dated it for me. I upgraded the mandolin for a Northfield with the intention of...
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    Re: Old-Time Discussion Board

    Seems like the OT Friends of the Lowcountry hasn't been very active. Surprised there isn't a discussion board dedicated to OT. Lot's of great resources out there. Not to hijack my own thread but are...
  6. Old-Time/String Band/Bluegrass-ish Jam in Myrtle Beach

    It's hard finding acoustic old-time/folk/bluegrass/Americana nerds in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, but I've finally put a small group together. If you are in the area and interested in jamming let me...
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    Re: Monroe Style

    Thanks for posting the video Josh. Cool technique, look forward to getting it hard wired.
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    Old-Time Discussion Board

    Is there anywhere on the www where the Old-Time nerds go to obsessively discuss songs, techniques and gear. Or is that too high tech for the OT crowd. Asking for a friend.
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    Re: Valley Forge arrangement?

    I've been playing with a fiddle player that plays this tune very well and really wanted to learn it. I had a version transcribed by Gunnar who is on this forum, can't think of his handle. I attached...
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    Re: Monroe Style

    Thread bump. I just started working on Compton's Peg Head Nation course. Big change from the single note fiddle tunes I was working on last year. Amazing how much subtle stuff going on in Monroe's...
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    Re: Music in Charleston and St Augustine

    I'm an hour and half up the road in Myrtle Beach if you land in Charleston. I have a small group that gets together second to last Sunday of the month for a hybrid old time/bluegrass/Americana jam....
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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Sad sad news, sad sad times...
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    Re: New Peghead Nation web site

    The new site looks good. I've learned a lot from Sharon's courses.
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    Re: $1000 Budget - What should I get?

    When I was shopping in that price point, I got an Eastman 515. Great mando, I love it. Bought it here on the classifieds. I was supposed to sell it to finance my Northfield but it is such a great...
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    Re: Happy Anniversary Mandolin Cafe!

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all you do for all the mandolin nerds worldwide!
  16. Re: Skill Progression/Benchmarks, MAS and Instrument Upgrades

    I first picked up a mando about 10 years while living in southern Mexico. We had a terrific jam with all the ex-pats but as is often the problem, too many guitars. The host of the jam had a pretty...
  17. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    Thanks for all the input. Looking forward to checking out your recommendations. The $164.36 was not a typo, that was sarcasm :)) Meaning, I only want to spend $164.36 but I know I'll be in for $1K...
  18. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    I decided to pull the trigger on a Sawchyn Beavertail pancake and I love it. So much fun to play and a totally different sound and vibe than my F5S. That would be my recommendation.[/QUOTE]

  19. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    [QUOTE=Zach Wilson;1794320]I'm supremely surprised that your current Northfield isn't giving you enough volume. The ones that I've played are like cannons!!!

    My Northfield has a wonderful tone,...
  20. Re: Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    I watched your 1N video a few times today. Congrats on the build, watched that video as well.
  21. Flatiron 1N (The one that got away) and Northfield Calhoun

    Elderly listed a Flatiron 1N on the classifieds yesterday or today. I spent all day contemplating it, reading past threads, searching YouTube and checking in with my MAS Anonymous sponsor. I tried...
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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    Moved to a small village in Mexico years ago and fell into a jam with a group of ex-pats. Same old story, too many guitars on the porch. The host had an old bowl back mando which had been neglected....
  23. Re: Anybody going/been to Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp?

    Good to hear it was awesome. So bummed I had to miss out.
  24. Re: Anybody going/been to Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp?

    So how was camp? Live local, had some work stuff come up and just couldn't get away. Hope y'all had a blast.
  25. Congrats Daniel! All power to the Carolina...

    Congrats Daniel! All power to the Carolina Lowcountry!
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