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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin Raffle

    Well, you could always swap it out to carry a destructible non-waterproof instrument. :)
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    Re: Got me an Eastman MD315...

    That certainly works on my 615. I was at a camp a few years ago and got a big surprise when it woke up.:mandosmiley:
  3. Re: Intermediate Mando - Good Mando to Step up to?

    But don’t forget to consider an Eastman. There are usually some used ones in classifieds, and the merchants appear to have received new shipments.

    I bought used, years ago, played it a lot and...
  4. Re: Intermediate Mando - Good Mando to Step up to?

    If you can make your way to a well stocked friendly retailer, like Cafe sponsors, do it.

    Time for an adventure, take a trip to Nashville, and make an hours-long visit to Carter’s. Have a fabulous...
  5. Re: Songs/tunes that drive our partners (and families) crazy!

    Any tune I’m learning as I play it section by section, over and over and over night after night after...
  6. Re: Tips. exercises, approach to strumming while playing melody

    Try a search for chord melody instruction. Aaron Weinstein is a well known teacher of this technique, and Mel Bay stocks his book on the topic. (NFI)
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    Re: Three string chords - good and bad?

    Not a BG purist, myself. I chop with 3 finger chords on the lower strings, G-A. I’ve been in group lessons taught by pros who support the percussive strength of chopping the low notes.
  8. Best results when playing hot licks, make ‘em...

    Best results when playing hot licks, make ‘em smoke:))
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    Re: Easiest Jam Tunes to Memorize

    <<So every now and then take up the challenge. Try and breath some fresh air into an old dorky tune, yea even that one, and watch the magic. Watch the tune do its job and grab some new hearts.>>
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    Re: Fingering a G chord walk

    Why not just choose a path that works best for you? Starting point is standard fingering, then adjusting to find your best path. Be sure to critique yourself ;)

    And each of has a unique set of...
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    Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    Plastic snack size ziplock bag works for me. Minimalist utilitarian.
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    Re: Ads without a price

    I bought my current mandolins through Cafe classifieds. I had a short list of wants. Knowing the price was the trigger for me each time. No price, no response. But fatt-dad makes a valid point.
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    Re: Help please!!!! Messed up pretty bad

    No repair content.
    I thought I was the only person on the planet to have a Mitchell. When I started making noise about playing a mandolin, my wife and daughter bought me my first as a Christmas...
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    Re: Double Stops Question

    Starting to play with folks is a huge adjustment for many of us. You can get the feel by pulling up something on YouTube and click on the little gear wheel in the corner. This allows you to slow the...
  15. Re: A composition dedicated to Croagh Patrick, which I once climb


    Climbed it a number of years ago on a fine summer day. It was crazy with people climbing in flip flops and even spike heels! One apparent pilgrim was barefoot. Irish band, Saw Doctors made...
  16. Re: New to mando...coming from guitar...where would you start?

    If you want to play melody, delve into fiddle tunes. They are a great help in learning fretboard positions beyond scales and arpeggios.
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    Road to Columbus, Kenny Baker
  18. Re: Torn between 2 mandolins. / Eastman serial number question?

    I went up 1 size on a refret. EVO. Like the color and the larger wire.
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    Re: Michael Cleveland on Mandolin

    Heard him with ‘Keepers at a festival. Amazing fiddler and I always wondered if he played mandolin. Fabulous, thanks for posting.
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    Re: Why keys of B and B flat?

    Just change real estate when jamming in lesser visited keys and take chord shapes up the neck. True, it limits open string options, but 1-4-5 can go anywhere.
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    Re: New string formula?

    Well this is a new discovery. Prices and selection are attractive; I like the approach to gauge selection and prefer .011 E in a “medium” set. Are they loop end?

    Like others here, I’ve been...
  22. Re: Mandoliin pair tuning 'either side of centre'?

    I did this when learning to hit both strings in the pair. Hearing dissonance assured me.
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    Re: Newbie questions -- where to start? is a useful resource. If you can read standard notation, you’re a step ahead. Mandolin for Dummies by Don Julin contains a wealth of information for anyone starting a mandolin...
  24. Loose “traditional style” tailpiece cover

    A slightly loose tail piece cover has a tendency to rock slightly if disturbed by wrist action. This results in a light pinging on the strings. Two possible solutions: pulling the flanges on the base...
  25. Re: Learning to find the notes on the mandolin neck

    Learning to read standard notation proves to be valuable in the long run. My first instrument was trombone, so I had to learn bass clef. When starting mandolin I fell into tablature as a shortcut to...
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