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  1. Re: Ronnie Mccoury stuff. Tags, runs, licks?

    The work by Jake Howard noted above appear to be very accurate transcriptions when compared to the recordings. I have learned several of Ronnie’s solos from this source.
  2. Re: Varnish finish - Awesome or more trouble than itís worth?

    I have had the D’Addario micro tuner on my 2007 Kimble for well over a year and it has had no impact on the finish.

    The only time the tuner comes off is if I am checking to see if it left a mark...
  3. Re: Varnish finish - Awesome or more trouble than itís worth?

    I have had an arm rest and a small D’Addario clip on tuner on my 2007 Kimble F5 for well over a year now and there are no noticeable marks from either of these in the varnish finish.

    However, I...
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    Poll: Re: Do you use a Tone Gard?

    Yes, I use it primarily to protect the softer varnish finish on the mandolin back from my belt buckles.
  5. Re: Whatís the nicest mandolin youíve ever seen?


    My 2007 Kimble F5
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    Re: Herschel Sizemore passes

    You can download Bounce Away from iTunes.
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    Re: Buying directly from a luthier

    Presumably, the price is lower than other builders with bigger reputation so you may already be compensated in advance for resale risk. If the individual builds good mandolins, then you may stand to...
  8. Re: How is Tuning Drift with Rubner Tuning Machine

    I have Rubner tuners on my 80’s Kentucky F mandolin. They would be a few years old and stay in tune well and turn easy. Usually tuning is required only when the humidity level changes. Otherwise,...
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    Re: Herschel Sizemore passes

    Thanks for sharing the podcast with Chris and David. It was a great way to start my Sunday morning.
  10. Re: Medium/light and medium/heavy strings whatís the difference?

    I use John Pearse phosphor bronze heavy (12,15,26,40) on my 2007 Kimble F5 and 12,16,26,40 on my 85 Kentucky KM 650.

    The action is fairly low on both mandolins with EVO gold frets that are fairly...
  11. Re: Wrapping strings around tuners too many times restringing?

    I always put the first winding over the top of the string coming through the post hole and then the remaining windings under the string coming through the post hole.
    I snug the lower windings up...
  12. Re: Darren Nicholson on obtaining his Lloyd Loar F-5

    A great find and a great story, seems like it was destined to happen.
  13. Re: My Tone Gard review. Get one for your mandolin

    Also helps protect against belt buckle rash. Found out the hard way. I was hesitant to use the one I have. A couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t paying close enough attention and put some belt buckle...
  14. Re: Ronnie McCoury 'Family Circle' Mandolin Transcription Book

    I am currently working on your transcription of Count Me Out. Very well done and thank-you.
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    Re: Billy Strings on Mando

    Outstanding and thanks for sharing.
  16. Re: Holding on to your personal Holy Grail mandolin

    While I have only had it a year, I am very satisfied with my 2007 Kimble F5 (#124).

    Haven’t looked seriously at any others since but never say never. Perhaps if I got to play a Gilchrist F5, I...
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    Re: NMD: 2008 Kimble A5 #143

    I am using John Pearse Phosphor Bronze set # 2160 (12-40) on my Kimble F5. I am very happy with them and use Pearse Phosphor Bronze on my guitars as well as mandolins. Been using these strings as...
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    Re: NMD: 2008 Kimble A5 #143

    Congratulations, It looks like it is new.

    I have #124 (07 F5) and it is a great mandolin.

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    Re: MIJ KM1000 vx Dawg

    I had an 84 KM-Dawg that was stellar sounding. However, I found my hands would cramp a fair bit and I sold it.

    I have an 85 KM-650. It is a good sounding mandolin but not on the same level as...
  20. Re: Under Worm to Over Worm Tuning Machine

    I replaced worm under nickel tuners on my Ď85 Kentucky 650 with Rubner worm under gold colored tuners. I understand this was not your question but may be a solution.
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    Re: Sucks being a Canadian sometimes

    I had Mark Stutman at Folkway Music in Waterloo import a 2007 Kimble F5 from the US in September of 2021.

    You might want to reach out to Mark and ask him if he can get what you are looking for.
  22. Re: Best place to buy a mandolin in Vancouver BC?

    Might get more for your money buying used. Check your local musical instrument stores.
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    Re: Fret Material / Type Differences

    I have the 0.043 on my Kentucky KM 650 and the 0.037 on my Kimble F5. To be honest I don’t think I would have noticed the difference if it wasn’t pointed out to me by the luthier who refretted the...
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    Re: tenor ukulele question

    My wife’s Mya-Moe tenor uke has a bridge plate.
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    Re: Fret Material / Type Differences

    EVO gold all the way. I can never see me putting anything else of my mandolins. No noticeable wear on either on my mandolins. The Kentucky KM 650 has had them for four years now and there is no...
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