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    Re: Has anyone tried the KNA UP-2 pickup?

    Does you bass rig have a HiZ input, it not you still need the impedance matching pre to get a good sound.
  2. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    We buy insurance for our Folk Festival for all three days, but not the rest of the year. Since the fest only covers Friday evening to Sunday morning we only have to pay for 48 hours of insurance, so...
  3. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    We were not nonprofit for decades, but work under the umbrella of a non profit for the last decade or so. If you are not big enough to get your own 501c3 then maybe you can work under the umbrella of...
  4. Thread: Mandolin Care?

    by pops1

    Re: Mandolin Care?

    I only change strings one string at a time. It's not as easy to wipe and clean, but it keeps the tension on the top more consistent than doing two strings or half of the strings. Two would not be a...
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    Re: TUSQ replacement nuts

    I am using a black graphite impregnated TUSQ nut on my mandolin and it works well. Sounds good too. I think you got lucky with the setup from stock, most of the time there will be much more refitting.
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    Re: I'm curious about a hide gluing method

    I glue the blocks first, one at a time, and clamp. Then I treat the rest like an open seam and glue and clamp till I am done. No glue first and reheating. I have done upright basses like this too.
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    Re: Cumberland bridge: Full Contact vs. Arched

    I turned my arched into a full contact and really prefer the sound. I would not hesitate to use full contact from now on, tho I have arched and they sound just fine with no problems.
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    Re: I'm curious about a hide gluing method

    I wouldn't worry about hide glue on a mandolin. It is plenty strong. I do sections at a time, but differently than John. I glue and clamp the neck and end block first. then work around the body, glue...
  9. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    We have a great old time community here in S.W. Wisconsin. We have monthly square dances, and have for 30 years. Band is open and we usually have 3 or 4 callers. We charge a couple bucks to pay for...
  10. Re: Wrecked fingers can't make 'block chords', time to quit?

    I never use 4 finger chords for chop cords. I always use 3 finger, they work fine, and are moveable. I don't chop much, but use more double stops, but when I do it's 3 finger chords. I prefer the...
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    Re: Vintage Case Handles

    Sue, I don't have a pic to show, but I can tell you the technique. When you wrap you go under the rap so it locks each wrap, like a half hitch. Pull each one tight and it will make a cool spiral...
  12. Re: Ultimate Vintage Snakeheadedness and Chocolatey Goodness

    Someone on here a while ago was making reproduction handles for these old cases.
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    Re: Late 19th Century Mando banjo

    If you are going to put new strings on and play it, use very light strings. I like to use two sets of tenor banjo strings. I use like a 10-28 gauge. The instrument will like you for it and it will...
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    Re: Tone and Volume pots on Harmony H35 Batwing

    You could try cleaning the pots with a good contact cleaner before replacing them. If you need to replace them it looks like a humbucker so you most likely have 500K pots. I would get a good brand of...
  15. Re: Long-winded general questions from a mandolin newbie ...

    The MK legacy was decent for it's price point. I have had a couple thru here and they sound good once setup.
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    Re: If it's not the heat, is it the humidity?

    Two notes out of tune, that is amazing. I wouldn't worry about two notes out of tune, for a mandolin. I have more than that with mine sitting in my house, or sometimes early in a gig or jam after one...
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    Re: Neck heel crack repair on beater mandolin?

    Straight into the neck heel so it goes into the neck block.
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    Re: Woke with a chord question

    I use a lot of double stops for chords, not all have the root and it works just fine.
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    Re: Neck heel crack repair on beater mandolin?

    If you want to pull the neck back to glue it tie from the headstock to the endpin as rcc6 says, instead use a loop so you have two pieces of, I use shoe laces. You can use a 6" piece of dowel or a...
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    Re: Thats a suprise Regal Reverse Scroll

    JB way back when I was a kid, a long time ago, we had a tube you broke open and out popped cinnamon rolls, which you then baked. There are also bread products that come in a tube. Both are still...
  21. Re: Embarassing Question - Which Mandolin to Bring to Jam?

    I am in agreement here. The one that plays better will be easier and more fun, I bet it sounds better too so everyone else will enjoy it more. Who knows another mandolin player may ask you if they...
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    Re: removing the top of a 1915 Washburn

    Now that is a handy tool, wonder where i can get one?
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    Re: the kindness of strangers

    We have a program at our library where you can check out an instrument and see if you would like to play it. It saves buying one then deciding you want to play something else. You can check out ...
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    Re: Rubner Tuners for old Gibson A


    This is what I did decades ago when nothing else was available. It works just fine. I cut the plates with a jewelers saw, and it gives the added space needed to not bind the tuners. I chose...
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    Re: Do I round off my bridge or stop touching it?

    If you let it annoy you for decades, it will round off from playing anyway. Why not enjoy those decades of playing and round it off to begin with.
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