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  1. Re: how do you prevent and get rid of hand cramps

    Tonic water. At karate classes, during strenuous ab exercises of various types, other guys 20, 30 years younger would seize up with cramp pain, but I'd keep going, because I drank some "cramp juice"...
  2. Re: Looking for some insight into microtonal mandolin

    OMs, mandolas etc. with quarter tone and partial (only under 2 strings) frets are not that unusual anymore in the Nordic countries. Ale Möller (Frifot, Nordan, duos/trios with Aly Bain, Bruce...
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    Re: Greek mandolin music

    6-string....Traditional Greek bouzouki - tuned DAD.

    The 8-string version came along in the 50s with Manolis Hiotis. Tuning changed to CFAD
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    Re: Greek mandolin music

    Nostalgia - Cersei la fam feat. Anastasis Katsavos
  5. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Of course you can; it just takes a bag of different techniques. First, get rid of the no-sustain F-hole mando. Of course, the lower/bigger you go the more sustain you've got.

    O'Faolain did a...
  6. Re: Article: New Music by Joe K. Walsh - Bluegrass and the Abstra

    Know where the (altered) title is derived from?

    The Blues and the Abstract Truth - Oliver Nelson (1961)
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    Re: Transcriptions/resource website

    A few thoughts on transcribing which you may find helpful (or not):

    Rip whatever tracks you plan to transcribe from the CD onto your computer.

    A file has no moving parts, so your PC media...
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    Re: Just tuning. Will it make things better?

    A lot of electronic keyboards, and not necessarily only the pricey ones, will let you reset the scale from 12TET to just, meantone, and a few other of the historical tunings. Keyboards designed for...
  9. Re: Right-hand Exercise Based on Snare Drum Rudiments

    That's a rather limited view. I think BB King and many others would disagree with that.
  10. Re: Right-hand Exercise Based on Snare Drum Rudiments

    I've used the drum rudiments as RH pick direction exercises, and have probably mentioned it in past postings.

    the drumming pattern |: RLRR LRLL :| can be assigned either |: DUDD UDUU :| or |:...
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    Re: ...or is it just me? It's just dumb!

    Just buy a 17" or 19" solid-body mini-guitar (at one-tenth the price of electric mandolin). Swap out the pickups for some Seymour Duncans or qualilty humbuckers, Remove the low E-string bridge...
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    Re: Gibson F2 and F4 mandolins.

    You'll often hear negative comparisons of old A's/F2s and F4s to old Gibson F5s, but really, most of the F-5 players just don't know how to handle a Gibson roundhole. (There can be differences in the...
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    Re: Greek mandolin music

    Here's one with mandolin:

    • Spyros Mantalás - mandolin, horn in F
    • Sakis Láios - clarinet
    • Déspoina Spanou - cello
    • Aléxandros Kapsokavadis - classical &...
  14. Re: How do you think of the fretboard - closed patterns or just n

    Nothing wrong with either; thinking both ways would be better than just one.

    However, you ought to strive to push past that, and not think with right-brain analytic thought (patterns or...
  15. Sarah Allen of FLOOK interview (no mando content)

    FLOOK, the double flute UK/Irish band, are one of my favorite groups. I really love their stuff!

    If you are into progressive Celtic/Folk, you may find this long interview which I did with her...
  16. Re: Where did the tab edit files on Mandozine go?

    Thanks. I used that link you provided to restore the interview to my signature.

    That said, I think it's a good idea to make/save any stuff you think it really good that is on the web. It may be...
  17. Re: Where did the tab edit files on Mandozine go?

    Everything will disappear sooner or later, unless you save the page or paste it on a Word document and save it.\

    All the Mandozine CoMando Guest of The Week interviews were gone, including mine....
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    Re: Pick thickness - how to choose?

    The thicker the pick, the more bass you'll get. If you want a more trebly sound, use a medium. A thinner picker tends to brighten to higher harmonic overtones.

    How far away from the bridge you...
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    Re: Mandolin fingerpicking instruction?

    As far back as the mid 70's I was messing with some guitar-derived fingerpicking on the mandolin. There were some Happy Traum books on Oak that I had (Guitar Finger-Picking Styles and Finger-Picking...
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    Re: Which way do musicians make more money?

    x x
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    Re: Which way do musicians make more money?

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    Re: Fiddlers picking with bow direction?

    If you are slurring notes (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides on mandolin) in the same places you would on fiddle, I see nothing wrong with fiddle/bow direction with a plectrum.

    I disagree on...
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    Re: crosspicking examples?

    Just the flesh of the fingertip. Pick + finger(s) really allows you to do stuff you couldn't otherwise do. For samba chording, the "pinch" gives you the sound a strum can not.
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    Re: crosspicking examples?

    Here's a CD track I played on with Jerry Rockwell, one of the finest Appalachian dulcimer players in the US. There's a lot of crosspicking in the long third part of the suite, although it isn't...
  25. Re: Any modern(cheaper) mandolins with a Gibson model A 1924 soun

    I thought that the Sawchyn A's out of Canada came pretty close. Don't know if he is still building mandos or not.
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