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    Re: Help with identifying old bowlback mandolin

    The GHS strings are very slightly lighter than that set you showed. They would probably be okay but here is a link for the GHS ultra light set:
  2. Re: 14 string vintage bandurria H T Tunica Chicago

    I saw the price had morphed into La La Land but had no idea why! I think the case may have been the best part of the deal but it is firmly in No Deal territory now!
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    Re: Waiting for new(old) mandolins

    There was one of those manolinettos for sale at a very reasonable BIN in the UK- it looked to be in good order too. Here is one that has been restored- he sleuthed out the maker in Saxony:
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    Re: 1959 Sorkin/Stradolin Catalogue Pages

    Yes, this thread has looked at the Homenick Bros:
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    Re: 1959 Sorkin/Stradolin Catalogue Pages

    Those Premier guitars were made by United. It seems that Peter Sorkin bought from United for along time- and Oscar Schmidt before United was founded.
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    1959 Sorkin/Stradolin Catalogue Pages

    This shows the mandolin range in the 1959 Sorkin catalogue- we see a couple of Blue Comet mandolins as well. Not a perfect spread I am afraid but it helps fix an era for some Stradolin types.
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    Re: 1924 Gelas double-top flatback

    For that price, you would expect something exceptional in terms of its sound.
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    Re: Loar Case Handle Restoration Inquiry

    Sign up here:

    Steve Kirtley does visit this site but his Facebook site is where you will get the most interaction on this sort of...
  9. Re: 1935/36 Wards Fall/Winter Catalog Gibson made mandolins

    For those who are interested, Ranger Doug is writing a biography of Carson Robison- someone who has been relatively obscured by the fame of other singing cowboys.
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    Re: Tuner Flat Head Cog Screws-Found a source!

    This thread about a Martin mandolin with Waverly tuners would be worth posting a link on as the owner was missing these screws. It is a recent thread and if you post a link to this or repeat your top...
  11. Re: Help!!:I have aqquired an Unmarked unnamed 7 string banjolele

    The tuners are German made- so it was probably made somewhere in Europe. It's hard to give a date- probably after WW2 and possibly in the Eastern Bloc but I am surmising from those tuners. Tuners...
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    Re: Looking for details on this 1926 Martin A-KI?

    Yes, peened tuner gears prevents this particular problem. I bought on eBay a 1936 Gibson made A50 variant- the Wards Model 1642- and it was missing one tuner post- as presumably, the screw had got...
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    Re: Looking for details on this 1926 Martin A-KI?

    To be frank, those screws came in the units from Waverly to be screwed on to Martin mandolins. It is just possible that Martin had a few spare screws when your mandolin was made but there is really...
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    Re: Please help me identify the mandoline

    My best guess is that it was made in East Germany or Czechoslovakia in the 1950s- possibly the 1960s. It has similarities to a Hofner 542 or 545 and Framus also made a mandolin with these "cat's...
  15. Re: late uncles mandolin found in closet-- Value? year? maker?

    Jim, thank you for getting those photos up. I assume the seller states Italian because it looks a little bit exotic! I can't make out aspects of it- it's had some mods!
  16. Re: late uncles mandolin found in closet-- Value? year? maker?

    Here is an "Italian" mandolin- lower quality but very similar-same tailpiece but tuners are recessed and they look American made. I have taken a closer look at your photos and can see the tuners are...
  17. Re: late uncles mandolin found in closet-- Value? year? maker?

    The tailpiece is American but the same tailpiece can be found on Clifford Essex of London mandolins. I have been told that those mandolins were made in Europe and finished off in London- hence the...
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    Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    They must have wised up to the grammatical mistake and sort of wangled away from it!
    I get the impression that Peter Wolf is a really great guy- and he and the J. Geils Band members got to know so...
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    Re: Best budget mandolin UK

    I think it is very subjective but some mandolins are louder than others but in truth it is unlikely when you are surrounded by so many instruments that you will be able to cut through- especially if...
  20. Re: Franken-Gibson: the whole is not equal to the sum of the part

    It seems this mandolin has the power to make its owners wax lyrical and churn out the prose by the truckload to extol the instrument's virtues. I can't help thinking that there is a reason for this...
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    Re: Against the very slim chance I ruin a relic

    It's not such a common cheap mandolin as it was not made by Harmony or Kay. I would guess it was made in the 1950s and this one below has also proved to be a mystery. The seller added Stradolin to...
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    Unknown Flat Back Circa 1930

    The mandolin has had a neck repair but is otherwise in pretty good condition as...
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    Re: Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Case

    I have a couple- they do the job. Mine I got used- so they did not cost too much. I think the latches are a bit on the cheap side and could be better but as an inexpensive case, I think they are okay...
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    Do You Have Too Many Instruments?

    It depends on who you use for comparison. One of my friends recently bought quite a few Victorian guitar tuning machines from someone who had acquired them gratis as part of a bulk purchase from...
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    Re: A attic founded mandolin. From 1920-30

    These mandolins with that boat shape heel appear to be central European. Bearing in mind that many of the German makers were in close proximity- just a few miles from those in Bohemia, it could be...
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