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  1. Joe is one of my favorite Mandolin Players. His...

    Joe is one of my favorite Mandolin Players. His technique is so good he never sounds rushed no matter what tempo he’s playing. After listening to every player I can, he’s the one I think, that’s what...
  2. Re: Article: New in Print/eBook - How to Play Mandolin in 14 Days

    Tristan is among other things, a mando nerd. He has been hired by the Hartford family to transcribe Johnís notebooks full of fiddle tunes, he has published other books and thereís great material on...
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    Re: Why keys of B and B flat?

    Bb is really not a hard key once you get situated. You can play it first position with open strings, just maybe have to reach up to the high Bb at 6th fret on the E string. The major chords are Bb,...
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