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    Re: Where’s the easy-does-it method?

    I would suggest the OP listen to Chris Thile explain that this a dangerous misconception rather than adopt this advice. Fingers should be bent, strings fretted with tips, not pads. I don’t mean to...
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    Re: High marks for Schaller GrandTunes

    The post spacing is standard at 23 mm, so they’ll fit. On my Flatiron there were unfilled screw holes from the original Grovers under the additional holes for the Golden Ages. They had to be filled...
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    High marks for Schaller GrandTunes

    My old Flatiron F-5 had a set of Golden Age tuners that have driven me crazy for the two years I’ve had it. It seemed like I was never really in tune and getting as close as I could was always a...
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    Re: Can anyone ID these tuners, please.

    Yes, I’ve seen that they get good reviews. Mine are awful. They are extremely hard to tune precisely and don’t stay in tune. I’m leaning to trying a set of Schaller GrandTunes. I like Rubners, but...
  5. Re: What if I removed the nitro finish from the sides of my mando

    It reminds me of the beat up old guitars on 48th Street in New York I saw as a kid and wondered how they ever got that way. And here this one is, and I made it that way myself. A lesson in aging....
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    Re: arthritis in my left hand

    As others above have said, different things work for different people. I’ve had 30 surgeries, ranging from little stuff like hernias to being pieced together after getting crushed to having spinal...
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    Re: Tuner that works for setting intonation?

    Yes, sir, it did, and it works perfectly. Thanks for the tip, I’m very happy with it. It couldn’t work better. And the $13 (including Amazon Prime shipping) Peterson has 8 feet of cord with a nice...
  8. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    Or, typical of arrangements of the day, one or more instruments playing the chromatic run with maybe some cymbal on the way in...
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    Re: PSA: you should try an actual mandolin pick!

    Daryl Zanuck once threatened to have a director’s movie, “melted down and made into mandolin picks.” Apropos of not much.
  10. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    Also, for chording during the chromatic run, more likely that the composer intended multiple instrument to play the run together without rhythm chords,
  11. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    This chromatic run is easy to play using 2 finger on the low B, 3 for C and C#, open D, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 open A, 1, 1, 2 on C# 3 onE flat, in other words standard chromatic fingering until it jumps a...
  12. Thread: pointless pick

    by Brian B

    Re: pointless pick

    When Django came to New York he went backstage at Carnegie Hall to meet Les Paul, who was playing there. Les asked Django if he’d play something and Django borrowed a guitar and asked for a pick. Les...
  13. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    WOW. This is perhaps the most far out response to anything I have ever posted on the internet. Thank you! Superb!
  14. Sorry for posting a uke clip, but this 10-year-old?

    Hat tip to the great mandolinist Paul Glasse, who tweeted a different video of this kid and wrote, “Okay. I quit.”

    Apologies got figuring out how to embed, tried a...
  15. Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    Seems like the only dadblame tab I can’t find online. Any leads?
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    Re: Bad sounding notes

    That was the first thing I tried - Inshould have mentioned it in the original post. No change, but thanks....
  17. Re: Why did Gibson mess the A5-L up before they killed it off?

    Eyeballing mine, the bridge seems to be right at the peak of the arch. That much Gibson changed right away with their later A5-Ls, discarding that element of the Griffiths design, which has the...
  18. Re: Why did Gibson mess the A5-L up before they killed it off?

    C'mon, Brad! Don't you know anything about pre-Loar A5s? When Orville personally built mine, all he had on hand were those pineapple tailpieces.

    Or, wait — it could be that I took it off an early...
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    Re: Update to shoulder surgery

    Good luck with that shoulder, Jack. I've had three shoulder surgeries on the right arm, so I feel your pain. the first was a muscle transplant in the 70s. Six months with my arm taped to my chest....
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    Re: Fast chromatic run?

    Yes a the one finger DR chromatic were what I mentioned - the coordination !

    Thanks for the links.
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    Re: Matt Umanov Guitars (NYC) to Close

    In about '74 or 5 there was a little piece of paper tacked to a post in Matt's store that read, "The Brooklyn College of Bluegrass Knowledge," and a phone number for Andy. From that number came a few...
  22. Thread: Mapes strings

    by Brian B

    Re: Mapes strings

    Two days in and the brass Mapes sound a lot better. I haven't put any 80/20s on in a long time, and I think I forgot just how, well, brassy they sounded out of the box. I have to hand it to Mapes,...
  23. Re: I took the Tone-Gard off my mandolin. And a Lloyd Loar tidbit

    Wow. I just looked at your site for the first time, your mandolins are beautiful. Looking forward to hearin and seeing the new design.
  24. I took the Tone-Gard off my mandolin. And a Lloyd Loar tidbit.

    It's been on my old Gibson A5-L for about a month non-stop. I removed it out of curiosity, thinking that after a solid month of playing with it it would be interesting to revert to the way the...
  25. Re: Bruce Weber just reprofiled and speednecked my Gibson A5-L

    Hey — it sounds like we live in parallel universes! Cool. I've got the same Tone Gard, too. Looks like a nice setup you've got there.
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