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  1. Re: Steve Earle on the Outlaw Country Cruise

    There's something about those two words that don't seem right together. No... I'm not talking about "green" and "mandolin". I'm talking about "outlaw" and "cruise".
  2. Matt Flinner's Online Mandolin Course Review: Jazz/Swing

    If anyone is considering online mandolin courses, here's my comments on Matt Flinner's online course on Jazz and Swing. I've been playing mandolin for more than 15 years mostly in a contradance...
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    Re: The winner of the Collings MT2 Giveaway

    Mine was "Torchlight" (What can I say? It looks like a flame.)

    In 250 letters, I tried to create various images. Candlelight dinner listening to Italian folk songs. A teenager up past...
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