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    Gibson Master Models

    A bit of history if it's not been posted before:
  2. Tony Williamson previews IBMA, unveils new song

    With the IBMA conference returning to Raleigh next week, I had a chance this morning to chat with Tony Williamson. Tony discussed the conference, his Loar mandolin, why he loves bluegrass, and more. ...
  3. Re: Looking for Advice for Holding Fingers Down

    In the real scheme of things there are many things more important. I tend to raise my finger unless there is some odd reason not to ( rocking between the two notes etc.) what difference does it make...
  4. After 3 weeks practice I took in $114 on my first busking gig!

    I dabbled a little with mandolin and fiddle decades ago pretty much only played in G and D. (really cheap mandolin not easy to play) I bought a Gretsch New Yorker and realized that after years of...
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    Re: Refret Considerations

    I am not a fan of large frets, I took the large frets out of a new mandolin after a week, just couldn't get used to them. I like to feel the fretboard. With taller or most larger frets a lighter...
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    My Last Days On Earth

    Late last night at home...
  7. Thread: G Chord

    by Mandoplumb

    Re: G Chord

    If you can't play a 4 finger chop chord, and by can't I mean can't not just don't want to use the effort it takes to learn. I have a stiffness in my fingers that I didn't have when I was in my 20s...
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    Re: Vintage Case Repair

    Thanks Mike for mentioning the Facebook page on Vintage Cases. There is also a webpage on instrument case repair. It gets 5 times the hits as the case history pages, so there is a lot of interest....
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    Tim O'Brien and Del McCoury video

    From the view count I'm guessing it's not well known. This is a great video thta captures Tim's mandolin perfectly
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    Which case should I take

    Hey cafe. I'm going to the Swannanoa Gathering in August. I'll be flying into Asheville with my Northfield, the usual mando accessories, some clothes, my backpack, and a few electronic goodies...
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    Re: eBay seller refuses return - what would you do?

    I've had a couple of issues with returns and share most people's concerns with eBays peculiar and often labyrinthine rules and regulations. I don't like the so-called "hassle free" return policy...
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    A Boy and His Loar

    124711124710Shortly after banjoist Don Reno from South Carolina left Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys he met up with Red Smiley from Asheville, North Carolina. After several years of recordings as Reno...
  13. Re: HB to most famous Gibson F5 ever built on this day in 1923

    I got to chunk on it while CD was finishing it up at the Gibson Nashville Factory before he gave it back to Monroe and it didn't float my boat. CD said since the tone bars were really damaged it was...
  14. Re: Monroe-My Last Days on Earth, playing a different mandolin??

    Looks (and sounds) like an original early Loar F5 to me. Should be Bill's other Loar mandolin in good condition before it got damaged in Nov. 1985. #72214, signed Feb. 26 1923.
  15. Re: gibson pickguard clamp purchased to use as pattern

    Paul Hostetter is one of the more gracious people I know when it comes to giving out information. His website dispenses information that most of us have used to accomplish repairs on vintage...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    The picture below is from around 1966 when I was 14. Tut Taylor owned it at that time and he got it and the A5 from the Griffith family. About a year later Tut sent the mandolin to me and Dad when...
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