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  1. Re: Does anyone have experience or advice about finger rehabilita

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I had dupuytrens contracture surgery a few years ago which included cutting open my palm, thumb and 3 of my 4 remaining fingers on my left hand. Have your...
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    Re: Modern Oval Holes

    I just went through the same search after 15 years of F-hole mandolins. I bought an Eastman MD514 because of reputation and price. It has unbelievable volume and tone. Fit and finish are excellent....
  3. Re: Original Bluegrass/Oldtime Tunes in "Bb"

    I'm a Wakefield fan and I think your original tune, Two River Rapids, is a great tribute to the man. Nice job and nice pickin' too
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    Re: eastman

    I just purchased an Eastman MD514 F style oval hole from The Mandolin Store last month. My first oval hole after 15 years of playing. I didn't consider the price a lot of money compared to other...
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    Re: Bulldog Mandolins

    Does it have "The Bulldog" in Gibson style script on the headstock? I had Barry build one like that for me and it sounds like number 32 would have been close to when I ordered mine. I was playing...
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    Re: RIP Stonewall Jackson

    In the early 1960s I bought a 98 cent Columbia "Country Music Sampler" record. I bought it because there was a Flatt and Scruggs tune on it and they were not easy to find in those days. It also...
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    RIP Barry Kratzer

    Barry Kratzer, who built Bulldog and Kratzer instruments died last night in Savannah from complications of COVID. Barry was also a singer and musician who played in bands in Pennsylvania and all...
  8. Re: Need you to rebuild a special 50's Gibson mandolin-just a nec

    I was at Randy Wood’s shop yesterday and unless there are 2 of these with a James tailpiece, this was on his bench already fitted with a new neck. He got it from the new owner who bought it over the...
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    Re: Bluegrass/Old Time in New Orleans?

    I lived there 20 years ago and the home of bluegrass and old time music was the Piney Woods Opry in Abita Springs (across lake Pontchartrain) It has renamed itself the Abita Springs Opry and from...
  10. Re: Song with lyrics "called home". Does anyone know it?

    You might be thinking of the Flatt and Scruggs gospel tune, Gone Home. It has a call and response chorus which repeats Gone Home. It's on YouTube
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    Re: Becoming a Luthier-How?

    Within the next few months the University of Tennessee Press will be releasing a new book about Luthier, Randy Wood. Although everyone does what they do for many different reasons this book explains...
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    Re: Mandolins, Arthritis and Yours Truly

    Before you self-diagnose your hand problem see a doctor. I thought I had arthritis in my left hand for the past several years and when I finally went to a doctor for relief I was diagnosed with...
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    Re: A case for locking the case

    Allen -
    I read a little Arabic and I'm quite sure it translates to - Only A Gibson is good enough
  14. Re: Looking for mandolin as a wedding gift for my fiance. Please

    I've been married 44 years. Buy her a gift certificate at Elderlys and let her choose
  15. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Me too please. Dennis Satterlee
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    Re: The History of Vintage Cases

    The badge is black and silver and the buckles are the gun metal style you described. You did an excellent job of identifying the war years guitar case and, except for a red interior, your photo...
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    Re: The History of Vintage Cases

    Over the past summer I had the good fortune of stumbling across a 1945 Martin D-28 still in the possession of the original owner's family. I purchased it with a brown Lifton case, which, through the...
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    Re: Open jam sessions weekly

    Don't know about that one in Shallotte but if you go north to Conway they have a bluegrass club that puts on a monthly show and jam session. I Haven't been up that way in awhile but their web site...
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    Re: Gibson mandolin history

    Walter Carter (Carter Guitars in Nashville) wrote a great history that is still available
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    Re: Tom Morgan

    He is indeed the same Tom Morgan. The latest CD reissue is a compilation of the Kentuckian's 1963 radio shows performed in Wheaton, Md. I have a tape from one of those shows where Tom describes...
  21. Re: Bluegrass In Upstate New York - Article

    There was a fiddler's picnic each year at Hemlock Lake ( south of Rochester, NY ) that my uncle attended back in the 1950s. I believe it had been in existence before WWII. I started going myself in...
  22. Re: An odd looking mandolin on German eBay.

    It appears that this instrument may be best played with a bow
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    Re: Wind Gap


    Here's Barry on guitar from last month. Of course he looks a month older now
  24. Re: Special Consensus live streaming tonight

    The correct thread is

    once again the full link isn't being accepted. after - saltymoss/the specialconsensus

  25. Special Consensus live streaming tonight

    Randy Wood's guitar shop has been hosting live acoustic music for years going back to his early days in Nashville. He is now adding a new live streaming feature to his shows to share the music with...
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