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  1. Re: My latest build: A Mandocello/Liuto Cantabile/Cittern hybrid

    Interesting and attractive piece! Is the customer going to use it in any particular genre? I like the fretboard stripe echoing the natural soundboard one, and the lacy rosette - looks way too...
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    Re: A Strad-O-Lin almost identical to mine

    Here’s another one, currently on Goodwill. Looks like the neck is letting go, but might be playable with a lowered bridge. As usual, pay attention to shipping charge.
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    Re: Catania Creation? Very colourful.

    Google Lens found this labelled E. DeCristofaro, Naples that also has an ameboid scratchplate and similar armrest. Short-lived fad, maybe copied from bouzoukis of the era?
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    Re: Cutting bits for rosette channels

    Both tools you mention are, I think, single collet size, 1/8 and 1/4 which restricts regular bits or requires stepped ones. Using any kind of a chuck with either would be disastrous. Then, one tool...
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    Re: bowl back mandolin

    Thanks, Tavy; informative and clear. Having lately played with old bowl backs, I might add that testing neck angle should be done with strings under full tension, if possible in case there is some...
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    Re: bowl back mandolin

    Let’s make up a story.
    The torch is the Statue of Liberty, the city, America, the ship, immigration, and the bird, our ubiquitous federal predator. The time, the great wave of immigration, which...
  7. Re: Dark trails appeared on the neck of my mandolin

    Back in prehistory when people were closer to their materials, cutting trees according to seasons, or even moon phases was part of the technology. The sap content obviously varies, but I doubt this...
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    Re: My first Bowlback

    The zero fret is found more often in Europe. It avoids the very delicate job of shaping the nut slots to a few thousandths of an inch, and friction issues that are related that make sticky tuning....
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    One day left on Goodwill. Can’t read the Cyrillic label, but it must commemorate a seminal event of some sort in Russian history.203167
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    Re: cheap build kit

    And don’t omit the Sunburst and Fern Inlay by the Numbers accessory kit.
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    Re: my eastman G string sounds dull?

    Hudmister correct, but in case you need this expanded a little:
    The part of the string that is playing needs to be touching only a very small point at the nearest edges of the bridge and the nut. ...
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    Re: Reset bowlback mandolin neck

    Is there some sort of database on bowl back neck joints so exploratory surgery isn’t needed? My current issue is a L&H where I think body deformation is the issue because the soundboard is buckling...
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    Re: Reset bowlback mandolin neck

    Bernie, unless someone raises their hand, my two cents: Neck resets on bowlbacks are not trivial because of the way they’re put together, so you might do best if the fretboard is reset instead. This...
  14. Re: Torrefied, thermally cured, "roasted wood" for the home shop

    I’ve made a few vacuum ovens, including a few for the Air Force, who use these things for degassing epoxies and other sealants that otherwise might have problems in altitude service - not uncommon...
  15. Re: Is is possible to increase neck mass by buiding it up somehow

    Not sure about what you want. More mass, fatter profile, different nut width? Certainly simply adding bulk to it can be anything you like the feel of…wood, plastic, shag carpet….
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    Re: 1920 Gibson A $500 today only needs repair

    The last five SGW mandolins this year, from all over to Connecticut, had Fedex shipping charges between less than $10 to $18. Add-on handling, which involved what looked like a fortune in mostly...
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    Re: Vinaccia disection

    From Wikipedia:
    The initial processing involved separating the layers of the scutes from the animal's carapace by heating, softening the plates by boiling them in salt water and flattening them...
  18. Re: Wrapping strings around tuners too many times restringing?

    Ok, engineers and bystanders, this is the assignment. It’s a calculus problem. Assume the coefficient of friction is constant: maybe 0.2 for steel on steel. The initial tension is about 20 lbs. ...
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    Re: Homemade Tuning Peg Tool

    Yes, you can easily break buttons and more. If you think of the post as a lever, with a gear on one end and a string pulling with about 20 lbs on the other, and the fulcrum being either or both the...
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    Re: Oscar Schmidt Tremolina

    Sue, I’ve sometimes used repair kits for vinyl upholstery especially automotive. The kits contain little tubs of compound in colors and ‘graining papers’ which are fabrics imprinted with common...
  21. Re: Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    The mirror and strong light are needed in any event to check for loose braces before you tune the thing up. If you see the same grain pattern inside and out, especially contrasty areas, it isn’t...
  22. Re: Help identifying a mandolin banjo / banjolin

    Agree entirely with RayT. The neck may even be a recent graft from a mandolin. If it is just screwed into the rim (screw heads inside, or maybe bolts) the skew may be adjusted without even using...
  23. Re: Help identifying a mandolin banjo / banjolin

    How similar? Photos of your friend's actual model would be helpful..
    Prices in the US depend on manufacturer to a large extent, but generally are, as said, much lower than $500. The name, if any,...
  24. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    @ Mr. Bear et al: No, I think the OP could easily feel he’s been mocked. One can only take witty chances with those we know well. To the second point: I imagine he wasn’t keen to go back and check...
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    Re: High e-string keeps snapping, help?

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned excess friction at the nut? The tension is always larger above the nut, and friction can be quite large. The shape, depth, and friction is not easy to measure,...
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