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    Re: Harmonized scales

    I sure do Niles! Any serious improvisor has spent a lot of time on scales. BUT not just straight up and down, doing them in MANY patterns. You see the notes of the scale better in your mind if you...
  2. Re: Ricky & Marty Play Bill's Mandolin on "Big Night"

    I've gotta say my highlight was Carlene and Marty at the end too. Will The Circle Be Unbroken has been the closing song of so many bluegrass festivals and events in my life - hearing those two play...
  3. Re: Breaking down "the old home place" mando break

    First time I saw these, Wayne really brings the concept to life from the perspective of an actual "learner", as opposed to an accomplished player, which is a refreshing change. His real world...
  4. Ricky & Marty Play Bill's Mandolin on "Big Night"

    You've got to check out the recent hour and a half show filmed at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum which is now on YouTube

    Some legendary...
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    Re: Cafe versus Craigslist

    And even those texts are sent as impersonally as possible. Generally, the text you may have sent to a friend will be returned, encircled in quotation marks (" "), and preceded by the words, Liked,...
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    Randy Wood's Music shop

    Been meaning to post about this for several days and keep getting side tracked.

    I just spent a week + on Saint Simons Island on the southern coast of GA as a make-up vacation for our annual trip...
  7. Re: Anybody going/been to Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp?

    To complete a triumvirate of the usual AB Camp suspects on this forum, I too will be a returning 5th-year attendee. Wary? You bet, but Bibey has as good a plan for safety as can be had at the moment,...
  8. Re: Anybody going/been to Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp?

    Like AlanN, I have been to every year of AB Camp so far.
    This year he's keeping all the instructors but severely limiting the attendees to the point that each class will have probably 5 or 6...
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    Re: Anybody going/been to Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp?

    This will be my 5th time at this camp. I have loved every year. Between the quality instruction/teachers, the jamming and fellowship (+ the locale), it's hard to beat.

    Yes, it's on. Precautions...
  10. New Classified Listing

    you all know when obscure things get talked about in a thread..........within a day or two............check the classifieds.

    For sale, good condition 1959 ledger from Gibson instrument company....
  11. Re: Charlie Daniels, fiddle (and mandolin) player dead at 83.

    Odd little story, only tangentially involving Charlie Daniels: maybe 10-15 years ago, my partner Bonnie and I were booked to play at the Buckwheat Festival in Penn Yan NY (named because that's where...
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    Prayer for Dennis @ The Mandolin Store

    For those of you so inclined, I would ask that you keep Dennis Vance in your prayers. He is facing some medical issues that must be addressed in the near future. I do not wish to, nor do I intend to...
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    Re: Question for Experienced Players

    I agree with you about speed, and yes, bluegrass players who can show speed usually do. It is
    not limited to mandolin, banjo players are the worst (I am one of those too).

    The good thing about...
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    Wheel Hoss - Bill Monroe

    This is my favorite bluegrass tune to play. I like slowing it down a little to really make it groove.
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    Re: Gibson F-9 repair project

    Almost done with my F-9 project. I ended up resetting the neck twice. The first time, I didnít pay enough attention and did not have the neck aligned to the tailpiece. I steamed it out without much...
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    New Birdseye oval hole

    It has taken a while, but finally I have got around to posting these pictures. This is a recently completed one of my oval hole mandolins. Woods are Red Spruce top, Birdseye Maple back and sides,...
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    Cherokee Lady - Bobby Osborne

    Here's my stab at Cherokee Lady by the great Bobby Osborne. It's twice through - the melody, which has some variation, then a second pass, which seems worked out and is way fun to play. Pardon the...
  18. Appendectomy: Trust Your Gut (some mandolin content)

    Title says it. Went to the ER yesterday and had my appendix swiftly removed. Symptoms started Tuesday and never got that bad, to be honest. Iím glad I trusted my gut, despite my hesitation to visit a...
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    The Old Rugged Cross

    I hope everyone is having a great Easter. The link to my new vid is below.
  20. Re: Casey Campbell And Tyler Andal 2016 NAMM

    The second tune is Big Mon playing all 3 parts instead of the usual 2.
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    Re: The virus, the economy, mandolins and you

    A friend of my wife shared this CS Lewis quote (Circa 1948) with her a little while ago and I think it applies well here:

    In one way we think a great deal too much of the atomic bomb. “How are we...
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    Re: The virus, the economy, mandolins and you

    Shout out to Andrew Mowry who took out time from building and with his family has been sewing some masks.
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    I didn't think I would be able to still sing with a tracheostomy in my throat. With a Passy Muir Speaking Valve I am able to sing a bit. I did a cover of a folk gospel tune this morning with my...
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    Re: Hoffee vs new Calton vs Pegasus vs ?

    I really like my Hoffee. It seals like a submarine, is secure like a fortress and is really classy looking. I've not seen others mention that the Hoffee has tiny shiny sparkles deep in the clear...
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    Re: Gibson Post Mortem

    It should be noted that since the Gibson F5 was introduced in 1922 it has always been a "custom" ordered model. A dealer would have to order one based on someone putting a deposit down at the...
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