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    Re: please help

    And no self respecting slimeball would keep the cases where they could be counted. I will note that when I finally built shelving for all my instruments there was a major blowout in the house. They...
  2. Raffaele Calace Mandolin Virtuoso Bolero Rare 78 rpm

    I came across this while doing some research and thought how amazing it was to be able to be able to hear the man himself. There are so very few of these gems. Nice little bio also.:mandosmiley: ...
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    My new and first electric mandolin!

    Boy oh boy! I unexpectedly got an Eastwood Mandostang for Christmas and I'm having a blast! For some reason, I jumped right into playing jazz standards (I used to study jazz guitar back in the day)...
  4. John Goodin, "The Autumn After": Robert Margo, octave mandolin

    An original work for mandola in G (octave mandolin), John Goodin wrote “The Autumn After” for Alison Stephens and her Embergher instrument, affectionately nicknamed “the Beast”. Alison performed it...
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    Re: Favorite Metronome


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    J.S. Bach Siciliano

    i am sure this is not the first time, this song has been recorded.

    ...for me it is.
  7. Thread: Tremolo Tips

    by DavidKOS

    Re: Tremolo Tips

    There are classical mandolin pieces where long notes (often tied for measures )are played with tremolo; additionally one may need to change dynamics during these long tremolo tones.

    Thus there is...
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    Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    Ok, I know I’m pretty new here. I’ve quickly made a couple of friends, not looking for any enemies. I do not know if what I am about to say is some kind of heresy or not, so please forgive me in...
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    Re: Monteleones at Rudy's Music

    Could it be they meant to sell the necklace that graces Liz's decolletage at that price instead of the Monteleone? Possibly an errant listing, an honest mistake?

  10. On The Hills Of Manchuria (I.A. Shatrov, 1906)

    Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov (1879-1952): На сопках Маньчжурии / On The Hills Of Manchuria
    Arranged for mandolins by Evelyn Tiffany-Castilgioni.

    This popular Russian waltz was written in 1906 to...
  11. Trinquons Nos Verres (Let's Clink Glasses)

    from the Alan Stivell 1978 recording ‎"Journée À La Maison"
  12. Maienzeit bannet Leid (Neidhart von Reuental, c. 1220)

    We don't often post about the "medieval" part of this forum's title.

    Neidhart von Reuental (c. 1190 - c. 1237) was one of the most famous German minnesingers (troubadours), and the one who left...
  13. Discovered 2nd edition of Leone, Sonatas vol. 1

    Hi all, I was able to spot an unknown newer edition of Leone's first volume of mandolin sonatas. (First edition 1767, newer edition 1768-1774). You can read all about it on my blog post and download...
  14. Florence Reece, "Which Side Are You On?" for solo octave mandolin

    This is my solo arrangement of Florence Reece, "Which Side Are You On?" here performed on an octave mandolin made by the late Walt Kuhlman. It is the third movement of a suite entitled "Protest...
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    book on John Dowland

    A book on John Dowland by Diana Poulton, a lutenist and musicologist, is freely available.
    It can be downloaded from here:
  16. Re: Thinking about learning fingerstyle on a tenor

    Nonsense :) Six strings = overkill and besides everyone plays six string

    That's my first resort... I leave the left corner nails of my right hand a bit longer. You don't need six inch nails -...
  17. Re: Thile/Aoife - Fairytale of New York from Wassaii

    Original: Pogues + Kirsty MacColl from 1987 in case you aren't familiar.
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    Re: ? Changing strings

    Here's another super easy, quick and effective method. Aside from being very easy and quick, there is a lot less slack in the string (no multiple windings necessary) so there is a lot less tendency...
  19. Re: 6 Madrigals for 3 voices - Thomas Bateson c. 1570 - 1630

    I've been revisiting some of my old recordings this year, with a different recording technique better reflecting the live performance. "Your Shining Eyes And Golden Hair" has been a favourite of...
  20. Re: Using tremolo with classical music on an octave mandolin

    It's often a matter of personal choice. However, in ensemble, I tend to prefer to hear all the mandolin-family instruments applying similar protocols to tremolo or not across the board. Here's a...
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    Measuring Humidity... What's a Guy To Do?

    I have 9 hygrometers in my music storage room and they all measure differently. Let's skip the one that says 39% because that one is obviously wrong. Ironically, the highest reading of 57% is on a...
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    Re: Apollo picks -- another option for you

    Thanks for your kind words. I will follow this thread, but I'm not always much of a talker. I've been a member of MandolinCafe for about a decade, but I do a lot more reading than typing. I'd...
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    Re: Cool video of a Loar.

    Testing ...
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    Gilchrist and Heiden - Big Indian Blues

    I finally started to record some comparison of my A style mandolins from each of these master builders. This is Gilchrist 522 and Heiden 92, 2001 and 2018 builds respectively. The Gilchrist is Red...
  25. Re: That famous cello prelude, deconstructed

    Vaguely familiar quote...

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