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    Re: 23 Loar Setup Video

    I coincidentally came across and watched that video on youtube last night. I would not let that fellow work on my ~$2.5k mando, let alone a loar if I had one. He justifies his sloppy work with...
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    Re: Mandolin Label Placement

    This is a cool example of builders and forum members working together! As a funny comparison/ anecdote. I have a F made by Holoubek a small luthier in the Czech Republic. I think he ran out of...
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    Re: In Praise of Michael Heiden

    I think Heiden Mandos don't get talked about all that much for the same reason Dudenbostel mandos don't get talked about that much. Most know they are top notch, both are arguably one of the 5 best...
  4. Re: How Many Would Like to Have a Weber SWEET PEA??

    I owned one years ago. I kept it for a couple of months then sold it. It's just not practical for the following reasons:

    1. It doesn't sound good, especially considering the price.
    2. I don't...
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