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    Re: Howard & Jethro Blues transcription

    This video is a slow walk-through on Jethro Burn's 1st solo:
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    Howard & Jethro Blues transcription

    transcribed from the video:
    transcribed guitar comp:
    Download the pdf and practice videos:...
  3. Dawg Waltz - Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman

    Transcribed from the audio recording:

    You can download my transcription here:...
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    Re: Jake Workman

    here's a transcription of the tune Jake workman is playing...great tune to practice picking:
  5. David Grisman licks from his interview 'The Story of Crusher'

    Transcribed from his interview:
    Nice lines to learn about dominant 7th progressions and blues lines:
  6. Baron Collins-Hill's Cosimo's Flight for Tenor Guitar

    I like the cool sound of the mandocello and wondered how his piece would sound on a tenor guitar. Not bad...with lots of possibilities. I transcribed it from this video:...
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    John Dowland music on Tenor Guitar

    I just listened to Come Heavy Sleep arr. by Hiroyuki Teramae and not sure what
    tuning he used so I transcribed it in GDAE tuning. Very nice tune that works on a tenor guitar....
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    Eva Scow Transcription Old Devil Moon

    transcribed from her video:
    I'll be uploading a tutorial sometime soon but you can download the transcription here:...
  9. Re: Changing Left-Hand positions on the mandolin

    I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone by redoing a Sierra Hull fingering of a classical piece
    and showing different thumb positions while playing arpeggios and scalar lines that
  10. Sierra Hull's Grey Fox Live transcription - Old Dangerfield

    This version is the best one when learning how play with rhythmic phrases
    and appreciate her subtle nuances of technique. I wrote it out in the original key with no capo. (In the video, she has the...
  11. Thread: Estamos ai

    by Roland Lee

    Re: Estamos ai

    Love that tune Don Stiernberg!
    I transcribed the main theme and you can download it here:
  12. Common ii V progressions including the tritone at the bottom

    Some more 3 note voicings in common settings:
  13. Re: Comping Howard & Jethro's Blues transcription

    Here's another version you can play for another has the same turnaround pattern of cycling in 5ths.
  14. Comping Howard & Jethro's Blues transcription

    I originally transcribed the guitar comping for the live recording
    and adapted it for mandolin since most of it was in the Freddie Green style
    of voicing. You can download pdf. of my transcription...
  15. Sierra Hull's Turkey In The Straw Theme and others...

    transcribed from her video:
    and pdf for this short example:

  16. Another great Bach warm-up from Sierra Hull

    The Allegro Assai BWV 1005 will improve your alternating strokes no matter
    what speed. Sierra Hull plays it at break neck speed but even at slower tempos
    (80 -86), the patterns and piston firing...
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    Sierra Hull's Bach Gigue BWV 1004

    I know it's not Bluegrass but the alternate picking pattern fits so well
    with these lines and Sierra Hull sure makes it all flow. I'll cover her version
    of the Bach Allegro Assai BWV 1003 at a...
  18. Re: Aaron Weinstein's solo from duet with Joe K Walsh

    Here's an alternate fingering in case you're using moveable patterns to make these licks easier to remember:

  19. Aaron Weinstein's solo from duet with Joe K Walsh

    In case you missed this one on the topic of East Tennessee Blues:
  20. Re: Correction on my transcription of Sierra Hull's St. Anne's Re

    Correction on my correction...
    Minor adjustment- 3rd bar on 1st page should be the same as the 11th bar on same page.
    2nd bar on page 3 has the correct notation for the slur...
  21. Re: East Tennessee Blues by Joe K. Walsh & Aaron Weinstein

    I transcribed Aaron Weinstein's 1st solo...such a great line and it flows from beginning to end too.
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    Re: Ragtime arrangements on a Tenor Guitar

    New location for videos and pdfs:
  23. Miss Monaghan's by Baron Collins-Hill transcription

    Part of Baron Collins-Hill's Untitled/Miss Monaghan's. tuned GDAD
    I wrote down the main melodic line that is mixed with a Bluegrass comp...basically alternate picking or with a bagpipe feel....
  24. Kym Warner's 'The Bell Of Great Falls' transcription

    I found a lovely piece for Tenor Guitar in CGDA
    (Kym Warner on a Collings demo)
    I've tuned my guitar to a semi-tone down...
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    Ragtime arrangements on a Tenor Guitar

    I was asked to do a ragtime arrangement for the Pete Seeger tune This Land Is Your Land. So here's an example of a simple meoldy ragged up.
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