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  1. New Sam Bush album focuses on John Hartford tunes

    Cool news via Sam Bush's Twitter account.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Or "Sam" Bush and John "Hartford."
  2. Re: How much of a difference in sound does string gauge make?

    On the better mandolins I’ve had I’ve switched back and forth between J-74 and J-75 gauge strings based on what my local shop had in stock, and there was a minor difference in feel and tone, but...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Speaking of violins there is a centuries old tradition of relic-ing. I have a friend who is one of the top violin makers in the world and he originally made his reputation from copying famous...
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    Re: Modernizing an A-4. Yes or No?

    Play it some more, it may take time to adjust to the new fretboard. If after a while you still can't deal with it, change it if you like the sound enough to keep it. I have an old Gibson with an 1...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Playing an instrument live weekly for 10+ years should produce some visible wear, but everyone's physical chemistry is different...I was married to a musician who could kill a brand new set of...
  6. Re: What Are Some Good Options in the $2-3k range?

    exactly my thinking
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    Re: 1920 Gibson A $500 today only needs repair

    I have to do that with every reverb link that's posted in a Cafe forum to get to the listing, otherwise I just get the reverb home page.
  8. Re: Who Has a Northfield F5-S with Airloom case?

    No issue with the fit of my F5S or 4th Gen in the Recurve, Airloom rectangular, or Tura Dlx.
  9. Re: Wrapping strings around tuners too many times restringing?

    I only get more than a wrap when I mess up. I do a locking wrap wih the strong pulled up a bit and the hole for the tuner at an able from about 7-1 on one side and 11-5 on the other. I think it has...
  10. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    I don't think the misspellings we see so often these days are caused by illiteracy as much as a sort of sloppiness bred by an overwhelming tendency to text quickly. Which is something I don't...
  11. Thread: Wood Anatomy

    by Mainer73

    Re: Wood Anatomy

    I don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole here, and I have no scientific input to offer. But, as a fiddler first, I've had the pleasure of playing many different instruments of different ages...
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    Wood Anatomy

    I had intended this comment for the “tone rite” thread, but it closed before I had completed the post. Even so, I would still like to share my comments on wood anatomy for those interested....
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    Re: Martin D-18 Bridge plate issue

    Great work John.

    I liked that you saved the upper and lower transverse braces and kept the period correct straight tapered shape rather than a bunch of "hippee sanding"; I bet I know where the new...
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    Re: Ever wonder?

    I have heard "manalin" in the south (two syllables) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how you got to one syllable? :confused:

    Oh, and Journeybear pronounces it "mandylynn", I swear. ;)
  15. Mandolin Album Release by Dave Berry & Friends

    Hello Mando Friends,

    I've been meaning to post this here to announce the release of my Covid lockdown project where I recorded 10 original fiddle tunes across different genres with a bunch of...
  16. Hawktail announces new album coming August 12 - Place of Growth

    Wanted to share this announcement from Hawktail in the forum instead of as a news release so we don't get asked by lots of band to do a full News release... happens... in case anyone wonders. One of...
  17. Re: Northfield mandolins - USA or China made?

    Hi everyone. Thanks for all the inquiry and feedback. Like someone said in the thread, we’re always up for talking and we encourage people to write or call us directly. Happy to explain about how we...
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    Re: Franks' Mandolin Kitchen

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    Clarence and Roland White 1973

    Nice performance by the brothers I had not seen before

  20. Mandolin Sighting @ Carnegie: Joe Bonamassa

    Probably not a regular part of his group...but I love this song!
  21. Article: New Music - Poems for Mandolin by Charlotte Kaiser

    You can view the page at
  22. Re: This just showed up in my inbox re: Gibson guitars

    I think it's all over the map. Tell that (squatters' rights are a legal reality) to "River Dave", an 80 year old who has lived for years on the bank of the Merrimack in NH. He's been kicked off the...
  23. Olga Egorova youtube livestream concert

    Olga Egorova (mandolin, octave mandolin) and Anna Vetlugina (harpsichord, pipe organ) livestream concert on youtube. "venetian baroque, irish and scottish folk, and more"....
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    My SC playlists

    Fifteen or so years ago I made a series of recordings with friends. I knew lots of good players, plus a few excellent recording engineers, so we'd get together, rehearse a bit, then see what we...
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    This tune goes all the way back to 1701 and is perhaps named for Sir Josiah Child (c. 1630-1699), a wealthy merchant who purchased the estate of Wanstead House in Essex in 1673. It is speculated...
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