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    Re: Andy Irvine is 80

    I was walking down the street in search of a pint one rainy night in Portland, when I got to the door of the pub a small chalk board was propped up exclaiming tonight, Andy Irvine!! If memory serves,...
  2. Re: Dennis Cahill has passed away - R.I.P.

    That's sad news, I had the good fortune to catch Dennis and Martin Hayes a number of times live. Always a stellar performance from those two, I will hunt up my Martin Hayes CDs tonight and have a...
  3. Re: Trusted Mandolin Luthiers in Minnesota

    I would contact Steve Rossow, I'm not sure if he's doing repairs these days but worth contacting. He knows his stuff. He has a website under his name I believe.
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    Re: Billy Strings

    Picked up Billy Strings latest record "Renewal" today, wow I have to say Great Music! Really enjoying the song writing and excellent playing. I hadn't heard much about its release. They happened to...
  5. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Glassweb, just commenting on the first price increase I've personally noticed as per topic of the post. Since I own an Ellis mandolin I say more power to Tom and anyone else that feel they can build...
  6. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    Shannon Heaton is also a fantastic trad flute player and teacher. Check out her music with her guitarist husband Matt Heaton. Good stuff!
  7. Re: Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    Sad, I live on the Oregon coast, will keep an eye out on Craigslist etc. I was in Portland overnight about a month ago and someone tried to steal a tire off my pickup. Crazy times we live in.
  8. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Just noticed the new Ellis F5 in the classifieds is close to 15k.
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    Re: Punch brothers

    Wow I thought that was fantastic, looking forward to seeing them on tour in January!
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    Re: RIP Seán Tyrrell

    I had the privilege of seeing Sean and Paddy Keenan on a rainy night in Oregon over 20 years ago. Still remember it was a magical night of music. Small venue, an intimate setting and was very...
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    Re: Vinyl!

    I have a pretty large collection of Blue/Newgrass records but I would love to find a nice copy of Mike Marshalls Gator Strut. That one has eluded me.
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    Re: "A Bruxa"

    That great tune is on the album" Hull and Larson Double Cappuccino" there was a transcription of this floating around at one time. Mandolin Magazine I think? I'll try to dig it out. If I find it I'll...
  13. Re: Opinions on the Dobro Ampliphonic Mandolin

    I'd go with the RM-1, it can be played very quietly and sweet or as loud as you like, it's really a versatile mandolin.
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    Re: Whither the Compton/Blake record?

    I have a copy so I know it's available although my sleeve looks different then the one above, mine's a simple black and white sleeve. Great music, I'd contact Mike directly or through the Monroe...
  15. Re: 'Tis the season! Best bluegrass albums of 2018?

    Just picked up the Hot Rize 40th anniversary album and the Earls of Leicester Live at the CMA Theater, great!
  16. Re: 'Tis the season! Best bluegrass albums of 2018?

    Guess I can't come up with five but I really appreciate "The Travelin McCourys" 2018 release on vinyl, sounds great.
  17. Re: Life expectancy of modern vs. vintage mandolins

    I agree with you Tim but if some modern tops are being carved too thin the time might be sooner than later. The Luthier I'm referring to who I don't want to name without his knowledge has a real...
  18. Re: Life expectancy of modern vs. vintage mandolins

    I spoke to a prominent Luthier recently about this subject, he's convinced that a majority of tops are being carved too thin and will have issues. It's a fine line.
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    Re: strings on my ellis a

    I prefer the EXP 74cm over the ghs on my Ellis A5. I like the .16 A string and 11.5 E.
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    Re: Mill Valley Waltz / Grisman / Tabs?

    The Mill Valley Waltz transcription is in the Tone Poems for mandolin book which I think is still available. Great tune!
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    Re: Tom Ellis A4

    I have to agree with Trevor, I think the Ellis is in another league, I own both an Ellis A5 and A4. I no longer have any Gibsons.
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    Re: Speed Exercises

    I've found Chris Thiele's arpeggio exercises from his homespun dvd really helped me build speed and learn the fretboard well.
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    Re: Selling your mandos at festivals.

    Hey fscotte,
    In my Mandolin building days (early 2000s) I had the same idea, I'd hang a for sale sign off the instrument as I walked around festivals etc. Rarely did I have someone...
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    Re: Eagles Documentary

    Also check out the great Bob Weir documentary on Netflix "The Other One"
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    Re: Special Ellis w/Torch and Wire

    What a beauty! Mandobar after you've purchased this mandolin please let us know what you think.
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