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  1. Re: Gretsch 9350 Park Lane - opinions please?

    I haven't played one, but you'll probably get more tone for your money with an A style. I recently got an Eastman 505CC in trade, and I was really surprised at how good it sounds.
  2. Re: Espresso Swing - Jordan Ramsey mandolin

    Sounds great Jordan!
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    Re: Tendonitis and string gauges

    I switched from J-74's to J-73's several years ago because of arthritis, and found that the lessened string tension helped. It turns out that i like the tone better too.
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    Re: Old Gibson Mandolin

    That headstock does look odd. The inlay looks too crude, and Gibson never made any mandolins with the inlaid tuners and a truss rod. The more pictures, the better!
  5. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Maybe not as much in the world of mandolin builders, but I know several people that build electric guitars, lap steels, etc. that are in the $1-2000 range that are in direct competition with Asian...
  6. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Increasing prices on imported instruments may be a good thing for domestic builders that have never been able to compete with the imports' prices.
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    Re: Looking for Information

    A friend of mine has an old Russian Domra with an identical case.
  8. Re: 1935 Gibson A-75 (listed in MC classifieds)

    Nice mandolin! I've always wanted to try one of those.
    As far as the tuners: Try cleaning and lubricating them before you replace them. I was having some trouble with the original tuners on my 1919...
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    Re: Gibson EM 150?

    It's an EM-150 from 1937-'39. Like you said, the pickguard and bridge aren't original. Beautiful mandolin!
  10. Re: Epiphone MM-30: Should I Improve It, Or Upgrade?

    I picked up a used MM-30 acoustic/electric a couple of years ago because I needed a pickup equipped mandolin. It was pretty nice, and the pickup sounded really good. A couple of months ago, I traded...
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    Re: 1987 Flatiron Artist A5 (Mint)

    One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was trading away my '85 A5 Artist.
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    Re: This seems odd

    Gee, I wonder if I can get a price like that for my autographed picture of Bill...
  13. Re: Strings for a Gibson 1924 A-1 in "player" condition

    I used J-74's on my 1919 A-2 until I decided to switch to J-73's for comfort. The mandolin was fine with the heavier strings, but it turns out that I like the tone better with the lighter ones better.
  14. Re: How fun, I met my mandolin instructor - Sharon Gilchrist

    Back in 2009, my wife and I stopped in Santa Fe for a couple of days on a cross country drive. One day, I found my way to a bluegrass jam session that Sharon was leading. She was very nice and...
  15. Re: "This mandolin was intact until my son sat on it"

    Just a little levity there John.;)
  16. Re: "This mandolin was intact until my son sat on it"

    Well, it's not nearly as bad as Bill's mandolin...195894
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    Re: Gibson A project on Ebay - Shipping!!

    That's quite the pad. I just shipped a mandolin from Montana to Texas, via USPS for around $60, including insurance.
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    Re: tuners for 1925 H1 mandola

    Have you tried cleaning and lubricating the originals?
  19. Re: Whatís the oddest mandolin related gift youíve been given?

    Probably this:195550
  20. Re: Jerry Garcia, Days Between, Watkins Glen, And Stuff

    I was at the Watkins Glen concert. I was 16, and went to visit a girl I knew. She asked me if I would go with her because she didn't want to hitch hike alone(We were in the Philadelphia suburbs). We...
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    Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Do you have a link?
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    Re: 61 F5 at Carters

    I sent them a message the other day: "Isn't this an F-12?".
    Haven't heard back...
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    Re: Odd vintage Gibson electric

    Yes. The A-1 and A-50 went to the large body in '37, and the A-00 continued with the 10" body during those years. I've seen both A-1 and A-00 (10" body) with and without back binding. A lot of the...
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    Re: Odd vintage Gibson electric

    According to Paul Fox's Gibson mandolin book, the A-1 was the wide body version until 1942.
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    Re: Odd vintage Gibson electric

    It's an early 40's Gibson A-1 mandolin with an aftermarket pickup.
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