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  1. Re: Wrecked fingers can't make 'block chords', time to quit?

    There are no rules. play for the fun of it and ignore anyone who puts limits on you.
  2. Re: Best way to learn to play Smooth and Clean (not sloppy)?

    I transitioned to the mandolin from the violin more than five years ago. For me, playing slower, with greater care, helped. I primarily play melodies and I initially found that approaching my pick...
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    Re: the kindness of strangers


    What a great story and a wonderful way to start my day. I wish you great success on passing along this kindness with one of your own.


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    Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    I have tried almost every mandolin pick I could find, but I always come back to my CT-55. I play, most days, at least a couple of hours and have never seen wear on my CT-55s. I tend to think of...
  5. Re: violin buying question to you trusted cafe goers (NMC)

    What a cool idea. I am more of a classical violinist when I play, but I may have to be a bit more creative in how I hold my instrument the next time I take it out of the case. Thanks for sharing...
  6. Re: violin buying question to you trusted cafe goers (NMC)

    How fun! I started playing classical violin when I was 9, enjoyed it for many years, and then took a very long break. I returned to the violin when I was 61 and, after lots of lessons, wasgetting...
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    Re: Favorite Mandolins Youíve Owned

    My favorite is my Ellis. It sings so much better than I can play. If my left hand is paying attention and if my right hand caresses the string just right, it will sound gorgeous. Every time. I...
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    Re: Just tried a Blue Chip pick on my mandolin

    I adopted my first mandolin a bit more than five years ago. I'm an old violinist who wanted to sit and play music and followed my approach to buying bows when selecting my first pick. I think...
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    Re: The joys of autocorrect

    Auto Corrects can be dangerous.

    In my previous life, I used to often write memos to President Bob Berdahl at the University of Texas at Austin. Microsoft Word always tried to ruin me by...
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    Re: Austin area Mandolin Shops?

    Welcome to Central Texas!

    Fiddler's Green was my favorite shop when located in central Austin, but I've only made it once to their new location in Lockhart, which is still pretty close to Austin. ...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    I never meant to take the "Road To Mandolin." After I retired, I had come back to classical violin after a hiatus of many decades. I had a phenomenal teacher who helped me learn to play again. ...
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    Re: Applying paper labels

    When Tom Ellis was building my F5 Special mandolin in 2021, he affixed the signed label on the inside surface of the back before the instrument was fully assembled. Tom also signed the raw wood on...
  13. Re: Holding on to your personal Holy Grail mandolin

    I doubt that I will ever say that I will not buy another mandolin, but I absolutely will always keep and treasure my Ellis F5 Special. I had been extraordinarily impressed each time I had ever had...
  14. Re: How long does it take to get over fumble fingers?

    I switched to the mandolin a bit more than five years ago. I've found that I progress faster when I pretty much stick to playing the music that I enjoy. And, when my fingers begin to trip over...
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    Re: Question on "tiers" of instruments

    I recommend having an instrument that sounds better than you currently play. I want my instrument to never hold me back, but rather inspire me to play better. I like knowing that if my playing...
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    Re: Caterina Lichtenberg's Artistwork's Course

    Serious question about the course...

    I was a classical violinist as a youth and used to read music. Although I hung up my bow during my professional career, I came back to violin after retirement...
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    Re: Sellerís Remorse - 2008 custom Weber Fern

    I really like this approach. Being ready to trade for the memory is great, if you have the funds,but knowingthat you will return with something you will be pleased with, no matter what, feels good....
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    Re: Thomastik Medium Flatwound Strings

    I am an old violinist who loves the clarity and tonal qualities of really good strings. For my violins, I experimented until I found strings that sang to me. I have taken much the same approach...
  19. Re: Going to invest in a decent mandolin to last me years any rec

    When I first decided to stretch beyond my violins, I bought an Eastman 515. For the next five years, it was a superb instrument. I played that mandolin every day and finally started to believe that...
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    Re: aging fingers just can't cut it anymore


    Last August, I started having trouble curling the fingers of my left hand and started wondering if my short time with the mandolin might be winding down. I turn 68 this year and I started...
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    Re: I Just Bought A Violin

    I started playing the violin in 1963, and although I took a long break during my unrelated career, I always wanted to return to it. To have any chance of relearning the instrument when I finally...
  22. Re: Thoughts on an Eastman MD-515 Mandolin as a first scroll

    I can only comment on how it sounds and how it feels to play. My Eastman 515 was my first mandolin, and it was a great instrument for me to initially play. I now have a new primary, but I learned...
  23. Thread: Pick Boxes

    by GMorgan

    Re: Pick Boxes

    I keep a few picks in each of my mandolin cases. Those are the ones I use, most of the time. I also have an emergency pick in a tiny leather case attached to my key ring. However, for the two...
  24. Thread: First Mandolin

    by GMorgan

    Re: First Mandolin

    Some observations of an older neophyte...

    When I bought my first mandolin, an Eastman 515 in 2017, I was underwhelmed by the tuners. I seemed to be tuning all the time and I did start looking for...
  25. Thread: First Mandolin

    by GMorgan

    Re: First Mandolin

    If I were buying a first mandolin from tthe two builders you list I would be more inclined to go with the Kentucky. However, I also recommend an Eastman as a great beginning mandolin that can become...
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