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  1. Re: Looking for music for Crazy Man Michael

    Looks just right.
    Go raibh mile maith agat.
  2. Looking for music for Crazy Man Michael

    Hi all,
    On the internet I can find lots of chords for the Fairport Convention song “Crazy Man Michael” but can’t seem to find the melody anywhere. Would anyone here have the sheet music for it by...
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    Re: Francesco Catania

    Thanks Jim. It’s more like the one in the “5+ year old thread” except that the pick guard is only below the strings - same pattern though. I had it looked at this week but I don’t think it is worth...
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    Francesco Catania


    I have a round back Mandolin. The label on the inside reads as follows:

    Strumenti Musicali a Corda
    Francesco Catania
    Catania C. P. 147

    I bought it when I was a student in Cork,...
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