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  1. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    My experience seems to match a lot of those in this thread. I prefer the BC CT55 (tone, smooth play, never gets rough and fuzzy) and have it tucked into the strings on my Kimble, but have bunches of...
  2. Re: Long-winded general questions from a mandolin newbie ...

    Some guitar string winders might be too big. I’ve bought a couple of special string winders that fit the smaller mandolin tuner buttons better, but they don’t work on all my mandolins. Depends on...
  3. Re: violin buying question to you trusted cafe goers (NMC)

    I’ve never had an Eastman violin but would like to have one someday. I’ve read lots of good responses about the good value of their various violins, especially in their midrange and above.

    I was...
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    Re: Washburn mandolins

    I saw a new Washburn mandolin at a local music store last year and it was awful - terrible fit and finish, terrible fretboard and fret work, weak quiet thin tone. Obviously that Washburn was one data...
  5. Re: Does Gibson have a website for it's mandolins?

    It seems very odd to me that two of the shops that are authorized dealers for Gibson mandolins (Morgan Music and the Acoustic Shoppe) are in Missouri and are fairly small shops. (I’m in KC area and...
  6. Re: Differences between Kentucky and Eastman A products

    I’ve owned multiple models from both brands. In general I’ve preferred the looks of the Kentucky mandolins but the sound and playability of the Eastmans. I did read more than once of store owners...
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    Re: Do I need a mandola?

    I didn’t think I needed a mandola till I “accidentally” played an Eastman MDA315 at the store. The deep voice really grabbed me and I called my wife and asked if she wanted to buy it for my Christmas...
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    Re: Live Mic for Mandolin Recommendations

    I love my Tonedexter. I bought it for mandolin but mainly use it with an electronic violin these days (I purchased a profile made specifically for Yamaha YEV104.). Amazing what it can do to a piezo...
  9. Re: Does anyone own one of the Eastman varnish finish mandolins?

    A couple of years ago I went on a road trip from Kansas City to a couple of music stores in southern Missouri where some nice mandolins were in stock. I played some nice Collings, Gibson, Eastman,...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    By the way, I’ve recently heard some podcast interviews with violin collectors in which the collectors noted that hundreds of years ago, violin makers were already doing things to make their new...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    I noticed a similar change in sound on my Eastman MD315 when I relic’d it. “Drier” and “older sounding” are the same thing I noticed. (Definitely no intent to imply that my Eastman is in same...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Ok, I am guilty, I relic’d a mandolin! :) Am I embarrassed about it? Well, yeah. I feel silly playing it out, but folks who’ve asked about it said it was cool.

    The mandolin is an Eastman MD315,...
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    Re: Should I Resist Waverly Tuners?

    Here’s a vote for “Don’t expect too much with Waverly tuners on your mandolin.” It’s just my personal experience, but it is one real world data point.

    I have Waverly tuners on two Martin guitars...
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    Re: Mandolin to Violin

    I played mandolin before fiddle. I love both, but I do find the mandolin a lot easier to play decently than the fiddle. GDAE, the strings are tuned the same (at least until you decide to play your...
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    Re: Eastman 515 neck too heavy

    Here’s another vote toward resting your picking-hand forearm on the rim of the mandolin body (or even better, on an arm rest) to keep the mandolin from head-diving. The mandolin headstock with its 8...
  16. Re: Watchhouse (formerly Mandolin Orange) has new duo recording

    I liked the new album but wished there had been more violin.
  17. Re: Trouble with my mandolin not agreeing with my straps

    I was reading Jill’s post above and that made me go back and analyze my mandolin hold. Sure enough, my right forearm keeps the mandolin from pivoting toward the headstock. My left hand provides a...
  18. Re: Trouble with my mandolin not agreeing with my straps

    I don’t see that the issue is any reflection on Eastman. They’re building the standard mandolin forms that the customers expect. The reality is that mandolins have relatively small light-weight...
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    Re: My lovely new Morris A5

    Beautiful! What a nice way to start the mandolin!
  20. Re: NMD: I just bought this from the Mandolin Store...

    Congrats! Nothing like the fun of getting a mandolin!
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    Re: First mandolin for a Metalhead

    I have a Katana 100 v2 and a Headrush Gigboard. I thought I’d use them more with one of my mandolins that has a pickup and my electric violin, but at the moment I’m just enjoying the sounds of my...
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    Re: First mandolin for a Metalhead

    Duh. I just realized in my response earlier that I suggested an electric VIOLIN, lol (YEV-104). I use mandolin and violin all the time and I guess they’re sort of blending in my head? :) (Actually,...
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    Re: Dealing with pokey string ends?

    :) I THOUGHT I was going to finish my last mandolin string change without a skin puncture, but a string end caught me before I was done. I’m not sure why, but the mandolin seems to be the worst of my...
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    Re: First mandolin for a Metalhead

    Welcome to the world of mandolins!

    I’m not in the UK, so I’m not sure what choices your goal of “no imports” will leave you at that price point. The commonly recommended Eastman mandolins are...
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    Re: Bluegrass Mandolin for a Newbie

    I have a couple of Eastmans (an MD315 mandolin and an MDA315 mandola). Both are good sounding, good playing, well-made instruments. I’ve played a lot of Eastman mandolins at various stores and...
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