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    Re: Santa brought a new tailpiece!

    i love an ornate beautiful tailpiece, and yours most certainly is!
    thanks for posting the picture.
  2. Merry Christmas everybody, here's a present for you

    10 year old Sierra Hull & Chris Thile jamming
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    Re: Hughes F-5 #8

    looks very very nice
  4. Re: Florida Man Saves Gunnar (no mandolin content)

    thanks for posting, yea for the man, double yea for Gunnar!

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    Re: Guitar Center

    i've used Guitar Center 3x in the past year-all online since there are no stores within 1.5 to 2 hours of my rural address-actually i don't know of any instrument shops within that 1.5 to 2 hrs other...
  6. mandolin orange-Unknown Legend (Neil Young cover)....WOW

    just found this one, huge ND fan here, so this is so neat
  7. 1 hour 11 min of Mandolin Orange-Green Mountain Bluegrass

    Full set

    may have already made its way here, i just saw it tonight-enjoy, and enjoy again if its a second time around

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    new: Northfield neck rest!!!

    I'm getting one of each. I have similar wooden neck rests for guitar but they are too large for mandolin and just too wide/deep for electrics. I love this type of neck rest. if you've never used one,...
  9. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Bill Monroe-Father of Bluegrass music (anybody recommend this yet?)
  10. i think this would be such a cool tune to play on mandolin

    I know nothing about fiddle, but from what I've heard, the fingering is the same as mandolin??

    here is Cedric Watson playing Cochon De Lait alone, and then in a small group. I just think a...
  11. Michael Daves: On Teaching Bluegrass Mandolin, Guitar, & Vocals

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    Re: String winder

    i found these this past winter, i gave away or sold all my other winders. they have a rubber like coating, ball bearings-super smooth, and the tip fits mandolin tuners perfect, and, the way its...
  13. Re: Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video

    Ahhh, spellcheck didn't like "danish".
  14. Re: Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video

    And with Dutch Pete at Andertons, another favorite place to watch, and another favorite guitarist

  15. Mary Spender on the viola-interesting video

    Not mandolin, but I thought the content might be interesting for everyone. I subscribe to Mary for 2 reasons, she does a lot of guitar related coverage , her videos are well made and interesting, and...
  16. nice comparison of two NF Big Mons-englemann vs Red spruce tops

    I have watched Derek play before, he has a smooth, clear, precise touch. Nice mandolins both, a person would be quite happy with either I think
  17. Re: “Headin’ Home” album preorders available now!

    wow, the whole family, you folks are amazing!

    thanks for sharing the link

  18. Get up John/ split tuning, with Sierra Hull improvising

    i have never played this tuning but it sounds really neat, and ironically i was going to post a thread asking about different tunings on mandolin, this evening. this may have already made its rounds...
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    Re: NMD Late 70's Ibanez 524?

    I like this a lot!
    Never saw one before, or knew about them. I like everything about it, especially the tortoise headstock veneer-I think that's very cool.

    I'm not a bling type person at...
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    Re: NBD: 1895 Lyon & Healy (Banjo related)


    yes, like these tuners very well.

    I like these older banjos I've gotten from Bob a lot, everything works as it should, they note as one would expect a brand new banjo to do, so its like...
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    Re: Kudos to Derek at Northfield Mandolins

    totally agree, those folks at NF have it going on in all areas. I've always felt very secure in any purchase of anything NF because they will take care of the customer fully, and quickly. Plus, they...
  22. New Classified Listing

    you all know when obscure things get talked about in a thread..........within a day or two............check the classifieds.

    For sale, good condition 1959 ledger from Gibson instrument company....
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    NBD: 1895 Lyon & Healy (Banjo related)

    25-1/2" scale, an 11" spunover rim
    mahogany neck-all new frets, steel rod neck reinforcement(OEM)
    1 1/4" nut width
    5 1/4 lbs
    Tone is bright and precise.
    neck is straight and low action, plays...
  24. found a set of Tuners with inlaid Handel knob FS if anyone needs


    browsing one of my favorite "flys under the radar" shop in Elkins Wva for a special banjo(found one!), and glanced at the mandolin section.

    I've purchased 3 instruments from Smalula Fretted...
  25. Weber Mandolins: Alaska Specialty Woods Sitka Spruce

    Sitka—the majestic sound of everyone’s favorite mandolin top:
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