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    Re: Mike Marshall's Loar?

    I’ve been in Mike’s Artist Works class for around 4 years. He switches around his Mando here and there but most often plays the Northfield 4th gen. He has had at least 2 different 4th gens in that...
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    Re: iReal Pro Charts

    I don't think he is sharing anything that Matt actually created for the class, just putting those arrangements into iRealPro.
    I know from one of the classes I was in that Matt was aware of that and...
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    Re: iReal Pro Charts

    Scotty, thank you! These are awesome and very helpful for jamming at home
  4. Re: The best scroll video! ASMR for F style fans!

    really impressive work, fun to watch
  5. Re: Looking for Biographies about Mandolin players

    I am currently reading Bill Monroe: The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man, Book by Tom Ewing. Have read up to the chapter on the 1950s and getting a lot more interesting now.

    Ricky Skaggs...
  6. Re: Article: Acoustic Disc To Cease CD Manufacture

    As I sit here reading those comments, a possessed cardinal continues flying into the windows of several rooms of our new house. Maybe this will work! lol
    To be clear, I didn't discard any of the...
  7. I'm excited for some of the digital releases for...

    I'm excited for some of the digital releases for sure!
    I only keep hard CDs anymore when I have them autographed and really don't have much of anything to listen to them on anyway.
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    Re: Going backwards

    yea it happens, like others have said, just try to work on something else for a bit. Instead of just scales maybe try to play a pattern out of a scale. Or try a song or even a new genre for a bit....
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    Re: New Peghead Nation web site

    I noticed that last night when I logged in to Joe Walsh's Advancing mandolinist course. I really like that you can click the check boxes beside each lesson to mark them complete.
    I also started...
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    Re: That famous cello prelude, deconstructed

    I'm no classical expert by any means, mostly a bluegrass guy. But this is the first Bach piece I wanted to learn and worked on. It was 4 pages on the tab from Joe Walsh's Peghead Nation course and...
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    Re: How Long do your J74Strings last?

    I cannot use J74s or any other phosphor bronze due to this very issue. I can ruin PB strings in just a few hours.
    I have used Nickel Bronze and they were much better, but for the last year or so I...
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    Re: Sierra Hull on Steven Colbert

    I liked it. Always amazed by the guys that go out of their way to tell everybody how much they don't like something on here.

    If nothing else you should be able to appreciate the fact that a whole...
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    Re: On Line Lessons

    Well, I have been a member of Artist Works with Mike for about 4 years. Can't recommend it enough.
    The pre-recorded curriculum is great but the real different of AW is that you can send a video of...
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    Re: Wet Tuning?

    drives me absolutely nuts when my pairs are not in tune with each other. Guess I prefer my mandolin dry
  15. Re: Ricky & Marty Play Bill's Mandolin on "Big Night"

    Really cool show. I'm not going to get hung up on analyzing it, let's just appreciate that it was pretty cool that these guys got to play it and we got to see it.
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    Re: DAWG picks. YES, they work

    I have a Dawg pick that was given to me by Richard Somers (co-writer of Ricochet) so I cherish it for that connection. Dawg didn't have any on hand the last time I got to see him in person.
    I have...
  17. Re: Breaking down "the old home place" mando break

    Yea! One of the coolest breaks. I love all that 70s Skaggs stuff. Wayne is a great teacher and it is a really cool channel he has started. Help him out by liking and subscribe!
  18. Re: David Grisman - 'Home is Where the Heart is'

    Here Today is one I just discovered recently after being mentioned by Mike Marshall on Artist Works. I really like it!!!
    Dawg and Vince Gill?? Come on!
  19. Re: C.J. Lewandowski has been diagnosed with COVID-19

    It's a very curious virus and I think we are a long way from understanding it still. Hope that CJ remains OK!
    I have a friend though who has been on 100% oxygen for days in the ICU with it. One day...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    I didn't get to catch it live and it sounds like I didn't miss out too much. I got an email from them that said they would have it fixed for next time.
    The internet is a tricky thing sometimes. Took...
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    Re: Wrist Tendonitis?

    I went through a period of what I would call discomfort in my left wrist. Per Mike Marshall's advice I try to keep it as straight as possible without any awkward bending. One thing I noticed was that...
  22. dang, too old! Great idea though

    dang, too old! Great idea though
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    Re: Mandolin Heroes Podcast

    thanks for the reminder, I will check it out!
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    Re: Monel strings

    These GW monel strings are really great, and not just cause you get a picture of Gabe on the cover.
    I'm on my second set and I am very happy with them. As good for better than D'addarios and in the...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    Chris replied on his Instagram that each class would be archived for 30 days after.

    Thanks MC for the heads up, I am excited for it!
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