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    Re: We've said it before, we'll say it again.

    The master makes the instrument...

    I am sure Thile, Steffey, Hull and other masters of this wonderful instrument could take any lower budget instrument and make it sound amazing. Heck I remember...
  2. Ricky Skaggs and Dailey and Vincent Saturday Night Opry

    You can stream it live here....watching it live at home here in middle TN.

    Was wondering what happened to Ricky’s mandolin and he said it was a Skaggs model he accidentally turned into a Monroe...
  3. Just to put myself on notice for some accountability...

    I hope this is not inappropriate so mods please move or delete if needed.

    I have been following this site long before I acquired a mandolin. I love the instrument...however life and work has...
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    Re: Mandolin Orange on today Show

    I will say I have been smitten with their music since discovering them. His mandolin play has reignited my desire to play after quite some time away from mine due to work and life events. Good...
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    Re: Mandolin of MAS Destruction?

    Thank you have stripped away a lot of the angst I was having over spending around 3K for a Northfield, which would be my first “serious” mandolin and is still probably better than I deserve...
  6. Sierra Hull at Franklin Theater in Franklin, TN

    My wife and I just got home from seeing Sierra Hull at the Franklin Theater in Franklin, TN and all I can say is wow. I was fortunate to get seats right near the stage so we had an amzing view and...
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    Re: Instrument Cleaning/maintenance?

    I sure hope you opened that new out of the wrapper....
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    Re: Northfield mandolins

    f5joe.....That is a oh man....
  9. Re: If you DIDN'T win the MT, what was your actual entry?

    Mine was Vincent...because Van Gogh once said “I dream my painting and I paint my dream"....and that is how music and the mandolin makes me feel....despite my inability to probably ever own a...
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    Re: Loar LM600VS Tone - Help

    Wow...I happen to love mine. It does not sound "tinny" at all. I cannot comment on the quality of the bridge, but I have looked it over very critically and it appears to be in perfect shape. ...
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