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    Re: Antiqued/distressed instruments?

    People pay money for distressed jeans, leather jackets and other clothing items. It's not unique to our world but people like the look of the instruments their heroes are playing and many times those...
  2. Re: Latest ignorant question: Bout like "boot" or like boxing mat

    You should of known someone would bite. Alot of mandolin player's are grammer nuts, it seems.
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    Re: Ready to get my hillbilly on!

    It has been my experience that non-players by and large do not view the mandolin particularly as anything. If a mandolin is recognizable as such by the general non-playing public, it is likely to be...
  4. Re: Latest ignorant question: Bout like "boot" or like boxing mat

    I'm sure several theses have been done on those differences.

    And can we please not discuss what rhymes with "theses"?
  5. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Moving away from tremolo, I want to note that Macdara's performance is not on mandolin but rather the bouzouki, and that involves a different approach. Indeed, his use of chords takes his style...
  6. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Practice yes, and also just listening. Hours and hours of listening to get your head wrapped around that kind of musical presentation. People like me raised on Rock and Blues before getting into...
  7. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    I think that well spells out the interplay of 'expediency vs tradition.' I think what McMahon means, for example, is that - without tradition, things give over to expediency, and once lost it is...
  8. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    I think there is a real point to authenticity - so that we can hear what is distinctive and uniquely beautiful about each genre. So we can develop an ear. Absolutely.

    And I will go even a little...
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    Re: Unsigned Loar on Reveb

    I'm not the most knowledgeable bloke around here, but I have a hunch the main reason it isn't signed is Loar left in 1924. :whistling:

    I like the case, a lot. Is that really original? They were...
  10. Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile: Tiny Desk

    Aoife O'Donovan joins in at 12:50
  11. Article: New Music by James McNulty - Firecracker Day

    You can view the page at
  12. Re: Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ..

    Of course you can; it just takes a bag of different techniques. First, get rid of the no-sustain F-hole mando. Of course, the lower/bigger you go the more sustain you've got.

    O'Faolain did a...
  13. Thread: My New Baby

    by Timbofood

    Re: My New Baby

    JB, I’m so sorry to be late to the adoption party! I am so glad (Envious) that now you have a matched year mandolin and mandola set! Teach your children well...
    Happy “new” instruments! I am jealous...
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    Re: Gborm? Gbrom?

    Yes, Sue, that's the one. Glad you liked that video -- I was aiming for a stripped down version, broadly inspired by the 16 Horsepower cover.

    Here's a more recent video from last year of me...
  15. Apparently you can play a slow air on a fretted instrument ...

    Musician acquaintance of mine posted this on Facebook.
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    Re: Absolute Silence

    You could probably damp most of the sound by weaving a thin strip of leather or paper towel between the strings, both behind the picking area near the bridge and above the picking area near the neck...
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    Re: Three string chords - good and bad?

    Personally, I find three note chords preferable to four-noters in most situations. Easier to play, quicker to move and adapt, cleaner sound and definition (IMO) - the list goes on. I hate to say...
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    Re: Mando upgrade - opinions sought

    Hi Ray,

    In terms of stock my website is up to date.
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    Re: Can this Gibson really fetch such a price?

    ha ha ha ... I've been listening to a lot of "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" lately, but that angle hasn't come up yet. "The Matter of the Suspicious Theft of Overvalued Mandolins" doesn't exactly roll...
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    Re: Double Stops Question

    I found the entire guide to be very useful. If you skim it she lets you know what parts you might want to skip if you want to get right to the nitty gave me a good understand of where to...
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    Re: Peter Ostroushko Passes

    "Everyone is part of the deal" - That's one of his themes; everyone is included. Peter would have everyone crying at the Prairie Home Companion show because they were invited to sing "You are My...
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    Gibson A Model: Finished date?

    Hey everyone!

    Longtime lurker here. Iím hoping someone might me able to help me find the date for a Gibson A mandolin.

    It belonged to my great grandmother and it had been passed down and to me...
  23. Thread: First Instrument

    by CES

    Re: First Instrument

    In that budget I’d look for a Silverangel or Ratliff A style. That said, Eastman makes some excellent instruments and I recommend them as well. The other consideration is a Kentucky 900 series,...
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    Sound of the American Mandolin
    Sure everyone else has seen this but I just tripped onto it. Pretty cool.
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    Re: Room humidifiers and distilled water

    Are you using an ultrasonic humidifier? Try evaporative
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