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    Re: Absolute Silence

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    Re: Northeastern Bluegrass festival

    Agree with Jim_G
    Jenny Brook is always extraordinary
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    Re: Getting mildew off a gig bag

    Again, do try (you can research it) isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). I had to remove mildew from an entire room and it truly worked - permanently. No remaining odor, no fabric damage or...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Ivan - I can relate - I have had lung cancer. Surgery and stereotactic radiation removed the culprit for now. So hang on to those instruments. I still have and enjoy mine as much as ever. You can do...
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    Re: Gibson stamped cloud tailpiece

    diamond inlay - 1942 - not usually a FON in them - plain cloud tailpieces
  6. Re: Single Mic Bluegrass: This is How It's Done!

    larry, you are very right it saying it is up to the performers. and I too am much more in favor of using a single mic, disliking the mixing puzzle and forest of mics in multi mic situations. without...
  7. Re: 15th fret pearl dot position makker.

    The "florida" extension is most helpful in playing classical music transcriptions (for violin) that need those notes, for example Chopin. They may lack sustain, but if they play clearly, it certainly...
  8. Re: how to impree audience with a single mandolin

    you are solo mandolin. that is opportunity for every song to be special. play your very favorite songs (often unusual or overlooked songs/or your own compositions work best). make the effort to learn...
  9. Re: science behind a mandolin "opening up"

    needing a bit of cheer, David, I checked out your videos (for the first time, I must admit). awful is not a word that applies. either to quantity or quality. thanks for the effort and the sweet...
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