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    Re: Strap for a Martin Style C

    A thong that will thread through the tailpiece and tie around the headstock above the nut is what I use on my Style A. The Martin mandolins are so light that a thin strap is all you need -- needn't...
  2. Re: Main difference between a mandolin and a tenormandolin

    Think you're right, an octave mandolin -- or "octave mandola," as it's sometimes called in Europe (dunno why).

    Usually tuned GDAE an octave lower than a mandolin; not usually with octave pairs in...
  3. Re: Main difference between a mandolin and a tenormandolin

    In Europe, what we on the Cafe generally call a "mandola" is often called a "tenor mandola" -- as opposed to the "octave mandola," which we call "octave mandolin."

    I've never heard one called a...
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    Re: Ernie Ball Earthwood?

    If so, definitely a mandola, tuned (normally) CGDA, low to high, a fourth below a mandolin.
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    Re: Gibson mando date and model?

    I'd have moved 'em to the belfry -- assuming you have one...
  6. Re: Do Martin mandolins fetch higher or lower prices than Gibsons

    Martin mandolins -- the canted-top, flat-back ones -- are wonderful instruments, immaculately made, with a sweet, clear sound. The carved-top Martin mandolins, either oval-hole or f-hole, are also...
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    Re: What do the numbers mean???

    Well, Gibson did call its EM-200 electric mandolin, made in the 1950's, "Florentine." Some relationship to their semi-hollow "Florentine" model Les Paul guitars -- with what's since been called a...
  8. Re: I decided to hang it on the wall: it might be safer there

    Jack, thanx for the history of your F-4. Consider yourself very fortunate to know about all those who've owned it since it was new. Most of us get "anonymous" vintage instruments, which may have...
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    Re: 12 string banjolin

    Deservedly rare, IMHO.

    Quite possibly there's no maker ID. Not sure from the pic if there's a decorative extension of the headstock (?). If you think a mandolin-banjo's unnecessarily raucous,...
  10. Re: Mandoliin pair tuning 'either side of centre'?

    I believe the reason for "wet" tuning is to get the natural vibrato that's heard when the slightly different sound-wave patterns produced by the differently tuned reeds go into and out of phase. The...
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    Re: Hidden D'Addario Micro Tuners....

    Major discussion of minor issue, IMHO. I can remember hitting a tuning fork against my knee, then pressing it to the top of the instrument and tuning one string to its sound, then trying to tune all...
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    Re: Ernie Ball Earthwood?

    Hmm...its rarity may contribute more to its value, than its overall construction and sound -- though you can't really tell without playing it. I've never seen another one, that's for sure.

  13. Re: If you've been envious of the one owned by Mr. Hopkins...

    Hey, who's talkin' about me?

    For anyone who decides a Polk-A-Lay-Lee might be of interest, let me state that [1] it's four feet long, it's lovingly constructed of plywood and plastic (one-piece...
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    Re: Ernie Ball Earthwood?

    The letter from Ernie Ball quoted in the Acoustic Guitar Forum thread I found also mentioned "mandolas," not mandolins. It would be interesting that a company would decide to build the...
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    Re: It's Snowing Down in Texas

    Here in Rochester we average 100 inches of snow per winter. Needless to say, we get used to it (about eight inches last night, more on the way later in the week).

    I have a lot of sympathy for...
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    Re: An honest-to-goodness VULCAN HARP!

    I assume you knew that I was aware of that...

    Decent joke, too.
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    Re: An honest-to-goodness VULCAN HARP!

    Saw a T-shirt in a catalog, with a pic of a Dalek from Dr. Who, and the caption, "Oh look, it's that cute R2D2 from Star Trek."

    Lotsa inaccurate sci-fi-nerd info around, I guess.
  18. Re: 1938 Gibson H 1 mandola- electrified!

    Agree: my TL stays a TL as long as I've got it, somewhat muted voice and all. Next owner can convert it if they wish.

    Not many of those late-'30's f-hole Gibson mandolas around, are there? I had...
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    Re: Ernie Ball Earthwood?

    The Earthwood bass guitar, and the Tacoma Thunderchief, are about the only acoustic bass guitars that can hold their own acoustically. Unfortunately, neither is still being made.

    Here's a...
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    Re: Vorhees Bowlback- very interesting

    Can't make out the ribs in the bowl; does it have them, or is it a one-piece?
  21. Re: Eastman MD304's fully attached fretboard design

    Oxymoron alert. Perhaps "F-model with an oval sound hole?"
  22. Re: I decided to hang it on the wall: it might be safer there

    My motto is "everything in its case," though the "gigging" instruments I use frequently are usually kept in, well, gig bags.

    Easier to control the immediate environment (temperature, humidity),...
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    Re: Mandolin Kin

    Could be -- also oud.
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    Re: Help with a purchase decision

    Depends on what kind of music you're gonna play. The Martin is a quality instrument, and has value on the vintage market. The Kentucky probably would work better for bluegrass playing. It's true...
  25. Re: Need help identifying Gibson Loar era mandolin

    Mandular, congratulate your girlfriend on a very nice inheritance. "Snakehead" A-Jr.'s are quite in demand as vintage Gibsons go; four figures at least, though maybe not as much as they're trying to...
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