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  1. Article: Isaac Eicher Announces Improvisation 101 Mega Pack Mando

    You can view the page at
  2. It's Only A Paper Moon: Mandolin Sheet music and song breakdown

    Hey all,

    I wrote up a post about one of my favorite jazz tunes, It's Only A Paper Moon. It's a fun rhythm changes type tune and great for a swing jam setting. My chart has 4 variations on it...
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    Peghead Nation Course Learning By Ear

    I just wanted to give a shout out about a course that I finished on Peghead Nation. The course was "Playing By Ear" with a section on Picking Up Tunes on the Fly. It is taught by the violinist Lissa...
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    The Break (jazz original)

    I put this up on Soundcloud in late June, and I see it's now been played three times. So I'm giving it a little nudge. Quartet number for mandolin, guitar, bass and drums, recorded around 2007. ...
  5. Re: Resources for learning gypsy jazz / dawg style music

    Here's something probably no one has seen on this site, from long ago: John McGann's Django print lesson for mandolin he offered us longer ago than I remember. Pre-dates all the latest video lessons,...
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    Rhythm Changes for Mandolin

    Hey all

    I added a new introduction to Rhythm Changes for mandolin post. Basically reviews a few different voicings and variations on the main ideas.

    See the full post here -...
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    Re: Ian Coury - Peghead Nation

    I am interviewing Ian Coury on my radio show tomorrow, August 5th 2022. We’re going to go track by track through his brand new cd, which will be released on August 20th.

    I made an...
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    Ian Coury 1st solo CD

    Hey folks,
    On friday, August 5th 2022, at 4pm US Eastern time, Ian Coury, the young (20 years old) 10-string Brazilian mandolin virtuoso, will be joining me from Brazil via Zoom on my radio show,...
  9. Don Stiernberg on "Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired"

    Check out a new interview and performance by Don(with guitarist Andy Brown)on
    "Judy Carmichael’s Jazz Inspired" on NPR stations August 6-12 (check local listings),
    or on your favorite podcast...
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    Re: Song Breakdown: Swing 42

    Love this tune. Definitly a gateway Django/swing tune. My Django band does several numbered Django tunes together. Swing 39, Swing 42, Swing 48. Need to get 41 worked up.
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    Re: Song Breakdown: Swing 42

    Hey Don,

    Never too late ;) You might be more of an expert than I, but:

    1. Yeah, I would say the A and B parts are Rhythm Changes as I noted in the post about the B part. So in this case, the...
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    Re: Song Breakdown: Swing 42

    a little late to the party, sorry, but I dig your Swing 42 post! i noticed a couple things and wonder what your take is on:

    When referring to a tune form as Rhythm Changes,...
  13. Article: New Music - Why Not? by the Tom Wright Trio

    You can view the page at
  14. Pontapé, Tom Wright Trio Live at Blue House Productions

    The concluding tune of the live "Wny Not?" video set, remastered.
    Written by Brazilian pianist and composer Jovino Santos Neto, a Baião on blues changes.
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    Re: Tiny Moore Tuesday

    Hey folks! I know it's been a while since I've posted here, but wanted to share a video we just released over at Mandolin Secrets.

    I recently had the chance to interview legendary instructor and...
  16. Re: Is there much point to an electric jazz mandolin?

    Here's a remix of the opener from the video show.
  17. Re: Gretsch not making mandolins? Does anyone know why?

    Countless times people have come up to ask what the instrument I'm playing is. After informing them it is a mandolin the reply is almost always "Oh!! I love the mandolin!!" In other words that know...
  18. Re: Article on the Centrum Choro workshop & Choro in North Americ

    Very helpful history here, Al! As you know, I produce both Django in June and Choro Camp New England and it is remarkable to me the parallels between the development of both genres (jazz manouche and...
  19. Centrum Choro Workshop 2022 - Photo Gallery


    Alexandre Lora, Douglas Lora, Dudu Maia, Anat Cohen- Insanely great. Standing ovation at intermission....
  20. Re: Is there much point to an electric jazz mandolin?

    Another preview of upcoming video concert, my jazz blues., "Blue Iz Mir".
  21. Re: Article on the Centrum Choro workshop & Choro in North Americ

    Fine writeup. I attended the Centrum choro week, a real thrill. Jovino was there and I now play a tune we heard the faculty perform, his "Pontapé".

    For a guy from the East Coast, Port Townsend...
  22. Article on the Centrum Choro workshop & Choro in North America

    Wrote this for the Rainshadow Journal. It's my version of choro in North America over the last thirty years. Your version may differ! That's ok! Enjoy...
  23. Re: Is there much point to an electric jazz mandolin?

    Here is an example of how I find electric mandolin useful, as a jazz instrument. 10-string electric in a bass/drums trio. This is a preview of a video concert that will post Sunday, May 1. Set was...
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    New recording

    My newest recording "Pete Martin - Original Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes and Jazz" is available as a free download at my web site.

    Thanks all!

  25. Re: February Jazz tune of the month: There Will Never Be Another
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