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    Re: Hybrid X Lattice

    There are a few. physical considerations that might shed some light on this for the op. First, a thicker top plate will result in greater stiffness all right, but that stiffness will come at a cost...
  2. Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    One other thing to keep an eye on re: good tone - make sure you're not lifting your fretting finger too soon, can be quite common to lift the finger fretting the note before the note gets to fully...
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    Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    Try a large variety of different pick-to-string attack angles, fluidly pivoting the pick between your thumb and index fingers to achieve them. That's where tone is made.

    Then add dynamic volume...
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    Re: Pandemic based inflation

    Signed Gibson 1922-24 F5s seem to be at a long-time now!
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    Re: Pandemic based inflation

    Just to be clear. Cost and Price in economics mean very different things.
  6. Re: Today in Mandolin History - August 5, 1890, Lawrence, KS Jour

    All hail August 5! If we could go back in time we'd share some music with these folks. Guessing likker may have been involved! This would have occurred less than an mile from Cafe headquarters, maybe...
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    Re: Wood Anatomy

    One of the best summaries of wood properties for string instruments is the article by Daniel Haines in the Catgut Acoustical Journal for Nov., 2000. The reference follows:

    Haines, D. The...
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    Billy Strings on Mando

    Not my style but cool Billy Strings is making the rounds with all the legends and is doing some mando too.
  9. Re: Tell me your experiences with rechargeable tuners

    There are phone apps, & phones are rechargeable ... :popcorn:

    you just play the pitch of the string for the phone mic.
  10. Whiskey Before Breakfast at Black Moshannon

    The Hamlett sure is ringin' true out in Black Moshannon State Park in central Pennsylvania. Good times!
  11. Re: An afternoon picking w/ Andrew Marlin & the Griffith Loar

    I was extremely lucky to have been a part of this. Andrew is one of my mandolin heroes, so to get to meet him, pick tunes with him AND to get to play and hear the Griffith Loar (along with all those...
  12. An afternoon picking w/ Andrew Marlin & the Griffith Loar


    Thought folks might enjoy seeing photos from an afternoon picking session over at Matt Ruhland's place yesterday (and a truck...
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    Re: Played my first gig

    Congrats! I count myself as someone who’s willingness to humiliate myself far exceeds my talent deficit 🤣 As with most things, the more you play the easier it gets. And, the better you get at working...
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    Re: On the Bus with Bill Monroe by Mark Hembree

    Cocaine and Rhinestones had one of the best Bill Monroe stories ever. The complete story is hilarious and at the link below.

    The short version is that among other superstars, George Jones and...
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    Re: On the Bus with Bill Monroe by Mark Hembree

    The word "Disrespectful" comes to mind, which is ironic, considering how so little of that was going to be tolerated in return. Just the refusal to release to the band any kind of tour schedule alone...
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    Played my first gig

    Hi everyone, just a celebratory post for my first gig. It was only on a street corner at a local festival with a kind of steam-punk dance troupe (we call Morris Dancing) but it’s a big deal for me as...
  17. Re: On the Bus with Bill Monroe by Mark Hembree

    Another good Bill story.
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    On the Bus with Bill Monroe by Mark Hembree

    Excerpt from "On The Bus" by Mark Hembree

    Crossing the Canadian Border

    When American musicians cross into Canada, sometimes—not every time—they have to declare their instruments and equipment...
  19. Punch Brothers' "Familiarity" (sheet music and tutorial)

    Hey y'all. I've been running around getting ready for 3 weeks on the road but managed to squeeze in another video the YouTube channel.

    This time we are taking a look at the mandolin intro for...
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    Re: Wireless mandolin connection

    Follow up from my earlier reply…
    This thread inspired me to call Sweetwater and discovered that my XVive U2 is still under warranty and a new one has already shipped along with a return shipping...
  21. Re: What’s going through your mind during a solo?

    "Oh F**k! this is too fast, why on earth did i nod and take that break...."

    That! ;)
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    Sierra Hull, Cory Wong + The Wongnotes


  23. Blues Mandolin - Big Boss Man - John Hamlett Mandolin (!)

    Hi Everyone,

    Update on the 6-month young John Hamlett two-point: it's awesome, lol. That's the update. Just restrung it with Mangan 11.5s, straightened the truss rod, and tweaked the bridge and...
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    Re: Fretless mandolin?

    We still call 4 string electrics mandolins, right? And he is playing it like a mandolin with a pick. I say it *is* what he says it is: a fretless mandolin. Obviously uses lots of slides. I suppose if...
  25. Re: Single Note Melody - Is mandolin "easier?"

    Well in fairness, "The Irish Washerwoman" is a pretty simple tune, hence it's one of the many common tunes that learners start out with so I wouldn't be using it as a barometer at all - there are way...
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