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  1. Re: Any Music for Harp-Guitar and Mandolin?

    I have a biography of Abt written and compiled by his grandson, John Abt. That piece in the OP was originally a piano work arranged for various other instruments usually including mandolins and...
  2. Re: Any Music for Harp-Guitar and Mandolin?

    Valentine Abt was a well-known American mandolinist from early twentieth century. I have some of his published sheet music but I don稚 know if I have that piece arranged specifically for harp-guitar...
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    Re: Lyon and Healy mandocellos

    Can you post some pictures of your mandocello? There may be a reason that it is labeled Special. Some custom variation requested by the person who ordered it.
  4. Re: Ultimate Vintage Snakeheadedness and Chocolatey Goodness

    I am acclimating nicely to the newly-acquired Gibson. Most amazing is how much sustain it has: it rings and rings. I like the tone but haven’t a clue if the Virzi does anything, maybe but not sure...
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    Re: Danelectro Guitarlin

    Funny that Nat Daniel did not make a mandolin. I had an original Danelectro six-string bass. And I still have a Silvertone guitar with lipstick pickups. Actually sounds pretty good.
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    Re: Road Trip III - classic Eastman 815/v

    I was just curious about when the company came about. Violin website says 1992 and I found that they started mandolins and archtop guitars in 2002 and flattop guitars in 2008. BION I have never...
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    Re: Just so excited!!!

    Ah,m now I see why you wanted that color! You love the blues!
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    Re: Road Trip III - classic Eastman 815/v

    As one of the top mandolin accumulators I agree with the above opinions. In fact on the other thread someone advised to take your Kentucky and Eastman there and work out a deal with the store. In...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mandolin Cafe

    One of the best sites on this planet. Thanks, Scott!
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    Re: Kolbe Mandolin

    Well, there is a picture of a very nice looking sunburst F-5 there.
  11. Re: Lost in my search of a mandolin for classical music

    I would keep the current strings on if you like the way they sound. Let him set up your mandolin with those lighter strings. If you later decide you want the mediums I would think it might just be...
  12. Re: Lost in my search of a mandolin for classical music

    From Strings By Mail site —

    The other flatwound sets are not described on that page.

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    Re: Pete Sutherland RIP

    I knew Pete and spent time with him in small doses over the years. Everything that people are saying about him is true. He was an inspiring both as a musician and a person. RIP.
  14. Re: Lost in my search of a mandolin for classical music

    I thought the seller included at least one set of Thomastik mandolin strings. I would use those. I have the T-I mediums on mine and it is fine. I also used them on my 1921 Bacon Artist and they sound...
  15. Re: Why are old Gibson snakeheads worth so much more?

    All right, here痴 the story of my first snakehead. IIRC this a was before I was even aware of the difference. I was at a vintage store in Amherst, MA and whe. I walked in on the wall was to be my...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    That is stunningly beautiful, Charley!
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    Re: electric mando / amp pairing

    I have an 80’s Fender champ that I like for tone. I am sure that there are similar tube amps out there by Fender and others for that sweet electric tone.
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    Re: What's up with Ukes?

    I played a lot of uke in the 1980s because I took lessons with Roy Smeck who was a vaudeville star in the 1920s and after. So that era from around 1915 when Hawaiian musicians came over at a big...
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    Re: Mandolin Parts

    The hardest to find would be the ten string tailpiece but there is one for sale in the classifieds right now:
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    Re: I知 afraid woodshedding has made me worse

    Uh-oh… when the wife is away, the husband will play… and buy another mandolin. Maybe she will come home with $1500 worth of candles? :)

    Sounds though that you got a nice new mandolin to get...
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    Re: Mando vibro?

    I think some of the choro players bend strings but they also use light gauge strings on their bandolims. Not sure anyone uses true vibrato though I suppose it could be done and maybe has been done on...
  22. Re: Why are old Gibson snakeheads worth so much more?

    As journeybear noted I recently acquired a 1924 A-4 snakehead in pristine condition with a Virzi for what that is worth. I paid the retail price because the stars had lined up and I had the funds. It...
  23. Re: Lost in my search of a mandolin for classical music

    I believe that the 154W strings are light gauge. I actually use the medium gauge on my short scale L&H.
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    Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    There was a maker here on the Cafe who actually made playable Bed-Pandolins. Ah, yes, the Commodium! Discussed here on this thread:
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    Re: 4 string mandolin?

    More than likely the Russians never saw Cremonese mandolins which were very uncommon. But they made 8 string mandolins tuned to GDAE and it made sense to add one more string and tune it to that...
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