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    Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    I’d like to be added also. I’ve tried a number of picks including BC, Wegen, Dawg, Golden Gate, Fender, Gibson, etc. One of my favorites is a cheap orange pick of unspecified plastic that I first got...
  2. Re: FedEx — wow — can’t follow directions; fakes receipt signatur

    You can also get your packages delivered to the local UPS or FedEx office and go pick them up yourself (within a week). This has worked for me in the past. At this point in time, the delivery guys...
  3. Re: Thinking about learning fingerstyle on a tenor

    As a long-time fingertstyle guitarist, I find it more challenging to switch to four strings. I can’t just use the alternating Travis style (doesn’t sound right) and I find that I need to pay more...
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    Re: Bedbugs And Mandolins

    My son introduced bedbugs into my house and it was a F-ing chore to get rid of them. Fortunately, the infestation was limited to only two rooms. I used diatomaceous earth on the floors and made lines...
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    Re: Mandolin player crossing over to guitar

    As a long-time guitar player (mostly fingerstyle) and now a mandolin aficionado, I’ve found the solution to dealing with the different neck sizes is to purchase, besides the diminutive mandolin, is a...
  6. Re: Modern case options for teens Gibson A models

    I also got a Superior fiberglass case for my 1919 A3, in white, to match my whiteface Gibson. I had to push the front neck support down a little to make it fit, but that turned out to be pretty easy...
  7. Re: Guild mandolins? How many? What's the deal?

    The Guild Madeira mandolins were apparently made in the same Asian factory as the Aria 2-pointers, but with a different headstock. I’ve accumulated a few Guild guitars over the years and really like...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    I’m definitely more of the monkey mind/serendipitous type of collector/accumulator. I’ve had GAS for years, which seems to have morphed into a pretty serious case of MAS. It’s amazing was pops up at...
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    Re: What is a "Selected Spruce Top"?

    Came across this old thread while trying to figure out if my new Stradolin two-point mandolin is a model 1500 with “selected spruce top” or a model 1501 with “white spruce top”. The white spruce is...
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    Re: A Pearl of Great Price A-4

    I just had to get a black A-4 to match my K-2. Still hoping to find an affordable H-2 mandola to complete the set. Also have a black L-4 guitar from the teens, but it needs some serious luthier...
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    Re: RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    When we lived in Austin, we got a chance to see JJW in Gruene Hall in New Brunfels, but most of the crowd was young college students just wanting to mate with each other - they weren’t paying...
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    Re: Know You Rider

    I play the Dead’s version on my guitar, sandwiched in between Uncle John’s Band. Makes for an easy transition. A fingerpicking version since I can’t sing to save my life. A nice tune and fun to play.
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    Re: Are tenor guitars slightly evil?

    Tenors are just another instrument in the mandolin family (collect em all!). I was lucky last week and happened to look at Craigslist. As a result, I am now the proud owner of a Steven Parks tenor...
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    Re: Pick (nerd) journeys

    I've accumulated a collection of picks over the years and have tried to see which I liked best for playing the mandolin. I even fashioned one out of an old piece of piano ivory, but the sound was...
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    Re: Restored Gibson A jr on FB marketplace

    Seeing the funky "restoration" of this mandolin reminds me of my first guitar, a gift from my brother. Someone had abandoned it at his house and he gave it to me with the admonition that I had to...
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    Re: Great 48 in Bakersfield, CA

    I actually live in Bakersfield, but not being a fan of bluegrass, have not attended the 48; however, I can recommend a few things about the city (primarily downtown area near the 48 venue):

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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    And a Taylor Baby gig bag is perfect for a vintage National style one resophonic mandolin, with about 6 inches above the headstock for storage of tuners, picks, and other necessary accoutrements....
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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    a visual: 181273
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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    My K2 mandocello fits nicely into a Guild dreadnought guitar case.
  20. Re: 1939 Regal Custom Mandolin- Carved Top- Two Point- Oval Hole

    Jim -

    Well, finally got over to the climate-controlled storage and got the Regal mandola out. Scale length is 16.75". I'm curious why this is of interest to you. Did Regal change scale lengths...
  21. Re: 1939 Regal Custom Mandolin- Carved Top- Two Point- Oval Hole

    Jim -

    I'll have to pull the mandola out of my climate controlled storage and measure it. My GAS and MAS got too much to keep everything in the house. I have a Guild D-40 guitar and a 1950...
  22. Re: 1939 Regal Custom Mandolin- Carved Top- Two Point- Oval Hole

    I have a Regal mandola that I traded a banjo for many years ago. I was told it was a mandolin and at the time didn't know any better. It has no label or any other markings, but I was able to ID it...
  23. Re: Odd Oscar Schmidt 12 string (four courses) mandolin

    I have a Mexican instrument called a tricordia that has 12 strings in 4 courses, tuned in unison. It has a deep body and I believe that it is used more as a rhythm instrument. I picked it up at a...
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