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  1. Re: Classical / Neopolitan Mando Builders in North America? is a candidate
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    Re: Are travel mandolins worth it?

    Yeah, I’d just go to a shop to find a beater that stays in tune.
  3. Re: My experience with the WILLHI WH1436H Air Humidity Controller

    How is cleaning the unit?
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    Re: New Mandolin Style

    I just gotta say this is GORGEOUS. Get that low end solved, and I’d purchase one for sure. To me, a good bass range is what makes me like a mandolin. :)
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    Re: 10 Finnish folksongs play along.

    This is great stuff! IMO Tuonne taakse metsämaan is the best one. :) Is there anyway to buy the sheet music for my own collection?
  6. Re: Newly discovered mandolin and orchestra pieces (Vienna 1820)

    This is great!
  7. Re: J.S. Bach - Invention 4 in Dm, BWV 775 (mandolin / guitar)

    I really loved it!
  8. Re: Discovered 2nd edition of Leone, Sonatas vol. 1

    I really appreciated this post! When are you playing them for us? :)
  9. Re: Free stuff for Celtic mandolin Learners

    I really like your site and am enjoying the deep dive for intermediate players :) Thank you
  10. Re: Best Book for Christmas Song Chord Melodies

    Folks these are wonderful options that I had not considered! I’ve snagged the green book and will report back :)
  11. Best Book for Christmas Song Chord Melodies

    Title says it all! I’ve purchased a few Christmas books and �� still can’t find what I’m looking for ��. Basically, somewhat difficult arrangements of Christmas songs for mandolin. I’ve taken to...
  12. Re: Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z 629. Second Act Tune: Air

    Thanks! I would never have guessed this tune is swung.
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    Re: "Persian"folk tune "The Cricket"

    I love these kinds of posts. I hope you find that tune on the tip of your tongue.
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    Re: Bach: Bourreé I&II, BWV 1009

    Loved the video! I have played the crap out of the first one previously, but has never heard the second. Honestly I blaze through the first one at light speed because I think it’s cool. Is there an...
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