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  1. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Please count me in; please change my user name from FlashPhoto to Tom Fuldner
  2. Re: Mandolin sheet music in standard notation only: where is it?


    Many, many thanks. Water for a thirsty wanderer in the desert.


    - - - Updated - - -

    I did not know that, Bill.
  3. Mandolin sheet music in standard notation only: where is it?

    After a few weeks working with Joe Carr’s “Reading Standard Music Notation for Mandolin and Fiddle,” I think I’m beginning to get hooked on learning by standard notation. But I know the only way I...
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    Re: Strap for A with strap button

    Here’s the location for a strap button Collings recommends for its A-style mandolins: The recommended location for installing a strap button is on the underside of neck 3/4” below the bottom of the...
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    Re: Collings MT2 Review

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey with your MT2. Mine arrives later this week, the result of trading my MT. Your passion for your music is inspiring. Your compassion for Abu is touching....
  6. Re: Finding a strap with holes the right size for my mando.

    I just picked up an el Dorado trap for my A-style mandolin. Absolute perfection. Fit, sizing, comfort. Gonna have to order another one for the other mandolin in my herd.

  7. Re: key of G: #G (0023) etc what does it mean?

    I’m another beginner racing to catch up. Your advice about moveable chords is so valuable to me. Many, many thanks!
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