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  1. Re: Pontapé, Tom Wright Trio Live at Blue House Productions

    Super Tom! Love your groove!
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    Re: the confluence of four strong forces

    Just received and listened to The Mandolin Seasons recording by Jacob Reuven and Omer Meir Wellber. This is an incredible masterpiece alternating between both Vivaldi and Piazzola pieces.
    Just order...
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    Re: Best On-Instrument Mic

    Hi Mandolinian,
    It would be easiest to recommend the microphones if we knew the application. Is this for home use, recording or on stage performance. Loud environments or quieter venues? I have...
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    Re: Mandolin Camp North: Who's going?

    I’ll be attending as long as they let me cross the border!
    Looking forward to the event. I have fond memories of my last time at the camp!
    See you there.
  5. Re: What are the best flatwounds for classical on Gibson H1 model

    Thanks! Just ordered a set of Thomastiks Altos from JustStrings!
    Looking forward to trying them out!
  6. Re: What are the best flatwounds for classical on Gibson H1 model

    I was wondering if I posted this in the correct category?
  7. What are the best flatwounds for classical on Gibson H1 model?

    I presently use Thomastiks on my classical Bowlback and want to try flatwounds on my old H1 Gibson Mandola. Which comparable flatwounds would you suggest? And sources to purchase them? Also what...
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    Re: Thoughts on a 2005 Eastman

    Thanks for the responses!
    I think I will stick with my Breedlove! I also like the love in it!
    I have to agree that the Breedlove neck and action really has nice playability.
    By the way It has been...
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    Thoughts on a 2005 Eastman

    I was wondering how the quality of Eastman 615:mandolins were in the early 2000s.
    Would this be a good back up mandolin? Any comments are welcome. I presently use an older Breedlove quartz as a...
  10. Re: Best place to buy a mandolin in Vancouver BC?

    I would like to send you a PM to suggest one that is up for sale. I have no financial interest. If you wish I could send you a private message with the referral.
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    We’ll be have been back doing some gigs!
    Here we are actually separated from the audience by a plexiglass wall!
    Let’s continue to be safe!
    Have a great safe and festive season!
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    Re: Are unwound strings always plain steel?

    Are the Thomastiks unwound A and E strings simply the same as other stainless steel strings?
  13. Re: Mandolin Mastery webinar training coming up

    Excited and Looking forward to this workshop with Tim. I had the pleasure of spending 5 days as a participant with Tim in Massachusetts several years ago.
    He is a very organized and clear teacher....
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    Re: Fantastic Mando-bargain

    I second that! I use mine as my travel mandolin!
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    Re: Florian Klaus Rumpf Kickstarter

    I support Florian too! Come on everyone, Florian is a great and dedicated mandolin player and teacher. He has offered lots to the mandolin community. Let’s show our appreciation by supporting our...
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    Re: Schertler Jam 100 or 150 users?

    Well I invited the seller over to audition the Schertler Jam 100. It is quite impressive as an acoustic amplifier. I played a couple of nice acoustic mandos through it with glorious results. The...
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    Re: Schertler Jam 100 or 150 users?

    Thanks for all the feedback!
    I also use a s Schertler Dyn at times and a condenser microphone. I am looking for an amp which will serve me in all formats!
    But maybe I am dreaming!!
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    Re: Schertler Jam 100 or 150 users?

    I have the Baggs para DI and have piezo pickups.
    I presently use an older trace Elliot acoustic amp but it is a too harsh sounding. I am looking to mellow out the sound
    And this amp has come up at...
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    Schertler Jam 100 or 150 users?

    Has anyone used any of these amplifiers and if so how do you like them with an acoustic mandolin like a Collings? Also what type of pickup (and preamp if you use one?) or microphone do you feed into...
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    Re: Luthier Websites - Browsing preferences?

    I think Brian Dean is presently one of the most talented and creative luthiers on the planet. I recommend taking some time to explore his website and Flickr photos.
    The best mandolin eye candy I...
  21. Re: Article: Modern Mandolin Workshop Designed for Experienced Pl

    Will there be a limited number of attendees?
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    Used professional level Bowlback?

    Does anyone know of an available used Bowlback with no issues?
    Maybe some has one sitting unused in a case and would like to let it go? Maybe even for a trade?
    Feel free to PM me!
    Thanks, Barry
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    Re: Refretting a Gibson A

    I was wondering what is the average cost to refret a teen oval Gibson A model these days. I know it varies quite a bit but my Gibson is approaching refret needs!
  24. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    A keeper is not a necessarily your permanent keeper!
    You have been playing a Rogue and jumping to a better instrument and experiencing it over time would probably give you a better objective idea of...
  25. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    The Martin you describe is about 2300 retail. Historically, here in the Cafe, the common ratio of similar dollar value quality in a mandolin is double that of a guitar. So you are looking at...
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