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  1. Re: Opening Mandolin Lick for Thunder Dan

    That opening chord sounds to me like 470. That’s two tones of a B7. B at the 4th fret on the G string, A (the 7) at the 7th fret on the D string, and another A on the open A string. So it’s a B-A-A....
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    Re: Seeking Grandfather's record

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is searchable online back to 1874. There could be interesting articles there.

    Lots of hits for “mandolin orchestra”. It requires a...
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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Very nice tribute from Jerry Douglas with excellent photos.
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    Re: What are these tuners?

    Random thought... Could any of these parts be 3D printed?
  5. Re: What is the name of the piece Mike Marshall is playing?

    Sounds like Mike is riffing on this 4/4 version of the Tennessee “Waltz”. Channeling Joe Pass?
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    Re: Mandolin Sleigh Ride

    Here is the Regina Mandolin Orchestra with a super version! At CMSA in 2018 I had the pleasure of sitting near their conductor, Natalia, and some of their players. Great group!
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    Re: The Christmas Song chord progression

    Don Julin’s including tab is in this thread.
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    Re: House of the Rising Sun

    Let me try again... Hope it works this time!
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    Re: House of the Rising Sun

    Kevin Prater’s is a good one!
  10. Re: Article: New Music from Avi Avital - Art of the Mandolin

    Interesting video from composer David Bruce about the premiere of one of the pieces from the album.
  11. Re: Should a Beginner use a Marco Rebora Mandolin?

    David Brown has given great advice above; i.e., think about what you want to play! The video is of another David, last name Hynds. David Hynds restores old mandolins. I bought my restored Calace...
  12. Re: Confusing stuff in Mel Bay "Fun with Strums" book

    I’d guess the squared off means pick the bass note and slash means strum the full chord. As marked Wildwood Flower would be a boom-chuck-a-boom-boom which seems to be a reasonable strum. Strumming...
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    Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds

    I enjoyed the first day. Right hand workshop gave enough to work on for quite a long time. I really enjoyed the visits to the mandolin shops in Japan and the live session with the shopkeepers....
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    Re: Little Sadie

    I enjoyed that! Tried to play this with a band a few years back and that 2 4 measure always challenged us. Nice JJW shirt, too!
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    Re: Bluegrass Gospel

    Though retired for a while now check out the Lewis Family Bluegrass Band. Lots of YouTube videos of them. Little Roy Lewis was quite the musician and entertainer. I used to see them in Texas and they...
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    Re: Help with musical notation and tabs

    Welcome MandoKenn! It looks like the tab is telling you to play the root of the F chord, i.e., third fret of the D string, and then strum the chord. It is hard to imagine what would be accomplished...
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    Re: Speakers for mixing

    KRK Rokits are quite popular for home studios. I have a pair I use in a space about the same size as yours. My space constraints are such that I need to take them out and put them away each time. If...
  18. Re: New double concerto for mandolin and mandola

    I enjoyed that! I looked closely on a big monitor and I see a mic stand at the right knee of the mandolin and mandola. There is a speaker on the left just behind the violins and another on the...
  19. Re: Our version of David Grisman's 'Ricochet' / quarantine video

    Excellent! Anyone know where to get Ricochet sheet music?
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    Re: Question on staccato marking

    In what Jim uploaded, I see staccato marks on the eighth notes at the beginning of the second to last line. In the measures just before there is a phrasing mark that means tremolo. So at the...
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    Re: Thumb Pain

    Hi Sherry. Cafe member Pete Martin teaches fiddle and mandolin. His website specifically mentions ergonomics. He has a video on Minimum Left Hand Pressure. I’ve purchased some of...
  22. Re: San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Hi, Jim! We had sheet music, an audio track, written instructions from Achille, our conductor, but no video. We each recorded our individual parts and uploaded them to a shared location. Then the...
  23. Re: Teacher recommendation for left hand technique

    Look for Pete Martin. I think he has an ad here on the cafe. He specifically teaches about ergonomics. NFI.
  24. San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Here is the San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra’s virtual performance of the Second Music Air from Purcell’s opera the Fairy Queen.
  25. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Please change ToyonPete to Peter Coronado. Thanks!
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