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    Re: Mandola Hard Cases

    It's back again
  2. Re: A New Mulerskinner Instruments A5 build starts...

    He did and it was my favorite of the half dozen or so mandolins I played from his display!
  3. Re: A New Mulerskinner Instruments A5 build starts...

    And, now the anticipation begins. Nice looking wood. Met Andy a few years ago at the (I think) GreenMountain Festival in Manchester Center. I was impressed by his mandolins but most impressed by his...
  4. Re: Got to play on a small town TV channel…

    Nice playing! Stiver believer here. I think mine sounds great (WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS PLAYING IT)
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    Re: moving my collection to Europe

    Be aware of any CITES regulations and have your CITES Certificate if needed. Learn CITES regulations better than Customs Officers know them and have regulations in hand in the event that you run into...
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    Re: Eastwood Mandolins

    Are you talking Eastwood or Eastman? I have now and only recently played a few electrics and have never played an Eastman El Ray. The Cozart “low cost Asian” needed quite a bit of work to get decent...
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    Re: Mandola Hard Cases

    yes, Very hard to get!
  8. Re: Good Strings For My 17.5" Mandola?

    I like John Pearse Set # 2250
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    Re: New Mandolin Day em8!

    Not really sure what the top wood is. I assume maple. Being a solid body I didn’t have the same level of interest in the type of wood I have when I’m considering an acoustic.
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    New Mandolin Day em8!

    Always excited when I receive a new mandolin. This is a solid body from Mike at Mid-Missouri Mandolins well known here on the Cafe as a builder of often recommended acoustics. This one is numbered...
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    Re: Where to go from here?

    Tom, thank you for your thoughtful response.

    I do like a clean tone. Most of the music I have been playing of late is of the classic country honkytonk variety, Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, and...
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    Where to go from here?

    As indicated in a previous thread I am like a fish out of water in the world of electrics. I now have a very nice playing Mid-Missouri em8 solid body and a Fishman Loud Box amp.
    So now what? I have...
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    Gibson Mandola H1 case fit?

    I'm selling a Collings Mandola case on the Cafe Classifieds. Getting questions as to whether or not a Gibson H1 will fit and thought this to be the best place in the forum to get a knowledgeable...
  14. Re: Peter Ostroushko and Danny Gotham. 10/18/2007

    T Y V M
    It was after spending time with Peter on one of the porches at the Augusta Music Festival that cultivated my infatuation for the mandolin in the 80's. Though it was Dawg and Jerry Garcia...
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    Re: Today's favorite stomp box...

    Just shifting in to the world of electrics. So much to learn! This post just brings home to me how little I know and will be following this section of the forum that I for so long neglected.
  16. Re: Seeking "mournful" mandolin - like Levon Helm with The Band

    Hank Williams “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” will provide you with endless possibilities to experiment with on a mandolin.
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    EM8 Journey progressing

    A few months ago I purchased an inexpensive Cozart solid body em8 from a fellow Cafe member. He, in his words, "hot rodded" it with stratocaster pick-ups. Initially I had no interest in the pick-ups...
  18. Re: Ashbury AM-240 Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    Too much to risk for my sensibilities. I pulled the trigger on a US built solid body em8.
    Should have it in about 6 weeks.
    I feel better buying from a builder with devoted Cafe followers.
  19. Re: Ashbury AM-240 Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    I see them listed on the USA web site in $.
  20. Ashbury AM-240 Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    Anyone out there have experience with these?
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    Re: Something different

    Buzzcocks ????
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    Re: Tell me it gets easier.

    Your questions can only be answered by you. I have found things do get easier and then I challenge myself with new techniques, new to me genres, and just attempting to reach a higher bar. I have...
  23. Re: Proper Care for Mid-Missouri M4 Flattop

    Foremost avoid extreme temperatures and most importantly extreme temperature fluctuations. Your profile does not say where you are from so I have no idea if you deal with a climate of low humidity or...
  24. Re: New Northfield A5 special coming my way

    2 or 3 years ago I visited Elderly in Michigan and played every mandolin available. The best playing and sounding mandolin to my ears (including some high dollar mandolins) was a Northfield...
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    Re: Use of Tremolo on Electric Mandolin

    Question for the two previous responders:
    Does your answer regarding tremolo relate to an 8 string electric? I only recently purchased a 8 string solid body electric. I bought it to play unplugged...
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